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Improve your Karma
Improve your Karma -- Help the Dharma
Help the Dharma
Pagan Library

Celtic Magic
D.J. Conway

Step-by-step instructions (including required tools and materials) for the immediate performance of spellwork.

Abdul Alhazred

"Filled with myths and rituals that have survived the darkest days of magic and occultism."

The Tree of Ecstasy
Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

An advanced manual of sexual magic

The Necromantic Ritual Book
Leilah Wendell

A lamp into the realm of shadows, dispelling fear through understanding.

Practical Candleburning Rituals
Raymond Buckland

Spells and rituals for every purpose.

Necronomicon Spellbook
Edited by Simon

Work the miracles offered by the Necronomicon

Psychic Self-Defense
Dion Fortune

Detailed practical instructions for the detection of psychic attacks and defense against them.

The Book of Magical Talismans
Elbee Wright

The Powers and Uses of Talismans, Amulets, Seals, Magical Figures from Antiquity to Present Times

Secrets of Magical Seals
Anna Riva

A Modern Grimoire of Amulets Charms Symbols & Talismans

Absinthe The Green Goddess
Aleister Crowley

Cover Illustration: Unfinished Sketch by William Blake

Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection
Antero Alli Preface by Robert Anton Wilson

A survival manual for fallen angels who are through with their frozen responses to the nightmares around us.

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews
Scott Cunningham

A Complete Cookbook with a large number and wide variety of recipes.

Androgyny: the opposites within
June Singer

A Jung on the Hudson book

The Book of Druidry
Ross Nichols

An examination of the ideas that shaped the Druids.

Magical Herbalism - The Secret Craft of the Wise
Scott Cunningham

Magic..."is the use of powers that reside within us and the natural objects of our world o cause change." Here are the basic principles and practical, simple techniques you need to know in order to do easy herbal magic in your own home.

Altars Made Easy
Peg Streep

Creating sacred space need not be limited to the home or the office but can be accomplished in the most temporary of surrounding.

The Tree of Ecstasy - An Advance Manual of Sexual Magic
Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

The Creative Force as the Basis of all Magic

The Golden Dawn Source Works: A Bibliography
Darcy Kuntz

Complied with notes by Darcy Kuntz

The Golden Dawn Source Book
Darcy Kuntz

Contains some of the best portions of the writings of the ancient hermetic philosophers and mediaeval "Rosicrucians"...wherein lies a great deal of wisdom.

The Golden Dawn
Israel Regardie

The original account of the Teachings, Rites and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

The Ritual Magic Manual
David Griffin

A complete course in practical magic

The Hermetic Museum
Arthur Edward Waite

Containing twenty-two most celebrated chemical tracts. Completely restored and enlarged.

The Diaries of John Dee
Edward Fenton, editor

I have appointed you because you have joined your hands with mine and by thus appointing you I have made you my David to slay Goliath.

The Key of Solomon the King
S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

Then answered the Angel: Go and read the Key, and its words which were obscure throughout shall be manifest unto thee.

The Ritual Magic Workbook
Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

A practical course of self-initiation

Magick - Book Four - Parts I - IV
Aleister Crowley

Second one volume revised edition with many illustrations

An Encyclopedia of Occultism
Lewis Spence

The Comprehensive Treasury of Occult Knowledge from all times and places. More than 2500 entries and articles. This Classic Volume is the most Famous Compendium of information of the Occult Sciences, Occult Personalities, Psychic Science, Magic Demonology, Spiritism, Mysticism and Metaphysics

Donald Tyson

The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the Apocalypse.

The Magician's Companion
Bill Whitcomb

A Practical & Encyclopedic Guide to Magical & Religious Symbolism. A single source for complete information on Eastern and Western magical systems of the universe with rituals and magical exercises. "NOTHING IS PERFECT...NOTHING LASTS FOREVER"

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