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The Book of Magical Talismans
Elbee Wright

Marlar Publishing Co

Includes all the magical items and their uses as described in The Black Pullet. Talismans of the Sage of the Pyramids. A talisman, be it referred to by that name, or as an amulet, seal, cross, charm, ouanga, etc. has one basic ability common to all of them. That ability is being able to help its possessor. The power will be of a specific type. A love talisman is for bringing love only; a wealth talisman is bringing wealth only. A talisman can be likened to a magnet or radio receiver attracting forces indiscernible and unknown to science. The fame of certain charms and crosses is known to all. Science may question but cannot explain the countless stories of good fortune, and even miracles, that abound in history regarding what a talisman has brought forth."

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