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Magical Herbalism - The Secret Craft of the Wise
Scott Cunningham

240 pages, Llewellyn, 2000.

Magic-the art of causing changes by means commonly supposed to be supernatural but which are really just powers beyond the normal range of perception. It's a completely natural art that uses powers that are within us and within the natural objects of the world. In magical Herbalism, certain plants are prized for the special range of energies-the vibrations, or powers-they possess. Magical Herbalism unites the powers of plants and man to produce, and direct, change in accord with human will and desire. This is the Magic of amulets and charms, sachets and herbal pillows, incenses and scented oils, simples and infusions and annointments. It's Magic as old as our knowledge of plants, an art that anyone can learn and practice, and once again enjoy as we look to the Earth to re-discover our roots and make inner connections with the world of Nature. This is s Magic that is beautiful and natural-Craft of Hand and Mind merged with the Power and Glory of Nature: a special kind that does not use the medicinal powers of herbs, but rather the subtle vibration and scents that touch the psychic centers and stir the astral field in which we live to work at the causal level behine the material world. This is the Magic of Enchantment...of work and gesture to shape the images of mind and channel the energies of the herbs. It is a Magic for everyone-for the herbs are easily and readily obtained, the tools are familiar or easily made, and the technology that of home and garden. This book includes step-by-step guidance to the preparation of herbs and to their compounding in incenses and oils, sachets and amulets, simples and infusions, with simple rituals and spells for every purpose.

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