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Words Beginning with S

SACRAMENTS Sacred actions and readings of prayers or transit instructions.
SAFE SPACE A place in which it is all right to experience transit without having anything happen which is dangerous or invalidating, without fear of getting overwhelmed, interfered with, reprogrammed, or punished for doing so.
SAMSARA Trying to have a better future by focusing action and attention on the future rather than in the present.
SANDTRAP A stuck space or a compulsively repeating cycle.
SCAN To view an incident by moving through it from its beginning to its end.
SELECTED Chosen intentionally and knowingly.
SEMINARY A training area in which priests can prepare for the ministry, and renunciants can prepare for the monastic life.
SENSATION Control factors coming through the body and to which a being can become subject either knowingly or unknowingly.
SENSES Perceptions passively received and processed through the body and mind.
SEQUENCE The specific order in which a being perceives a series of incidents.
SERENITY To remain stable and centered during action, chaos, or pain.
SERMON The Teaching delivered to a group in transit rather than individually.
SEX Use of a body or form for reproduction or replication of the universe.
SHARED REALITY Agreement on a specific subject, that it is real for two or more beings.
SIGNIFICANCE A meaning put into something which is in itself without meaning.
SILENCE The active creation of the absence of sound.
SIMILAR Something which seems to be the same.
SKILL Ability to make something happen the way one wanted it to happen.
SOLIDNESS The ability to have something be real enough to bump into.
SOLUTION The idea that a problem has a specific answer.
SOUL The developed state of a being plus a body plus a mind.
SOURCE The origination point for something that exists or is.
SPACE The perception of a single event in a specific portion of the universe.
SPIRITUAL The aesthetic which underlies the apparent form of the material world.
STABILIZE To bring to a permanent state of rest and harmony.
STATE The idea that one's condition as a being can change into something else.
STRESS Partial unconsciousness caused by two spaces or incidents trying to exist in the same space at the same time.
STUDY To learn to apply a specific subject with knowledge and ability.
SUBJECT A definite area toward which one's attention has been drawn and which exists within definite limits to be transcended through understanding.
SUBSTANCE Matter in a specific and tangible form.
SUCCUMB To allow oneself to be completely overwhelmed.
SUFFERING The idea that a being can become subject to action and objects.
SUPPORT To actively participate in a positive way.
SUPPRESS To bury something unwanted or that one considers to be dangerous or threatening to one's actions or beliefs.
SURVIVAL To seem to continue to exist, on any level.
SYMBOL An archetypal image of something or of nothing.
SYMPATHY Having the idea that sharing suffering can reduce it for another.
SYMPTOMS Sensations held in place by misunderstanding, beliefs, and fear, caused by trying to resist them.
SYNTHETIC Something only "as-if real".

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