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CASE The being during the period of transit, or during transit preparation or training.
CATHARSIS A sudden and radical evolutionary change.
CAUSE The intentional creation of an object, action or condition.
CENTER Being in a state of high indifference but not detachment, during an action.
CEREMONY An exact sequence of actions taken within definite limits and performed for a specific purpose.
CERTAINTY Any intentional action taken by the being without falling under the influence of the mind.
CHAIN A sequence of events, forms, thoughts, objects or significances.
CHANGE To knowingly or unknowingly alter the way something is or seems to be.
CHATTER Verbal communication about random thoughts aroused by the environment.
CHRONIC CONDITION The persistence of a condition which gets triggered continually by the environment and which interferes with the being's ability and well being. The greatest chronic condition of all is immortality.
CHURCH An area established specifically for the purpose of recognizing one's relationship with the Guide.
CLARITY A sudden unobstructed perception without limiters or inhibitors.
CLEAR LIGHT The perception of the self without form, limit, or perception.
COACH Someone who helps another learn a specific skill.
COMMAND A specific and exact instruction to be carried out to the exact degree indicated--no more and no less, and which is given to a student to get the student able to handle or confront something that had been unconfrontable up to that time.
COMMAND COGNITION Suddenly getting what a command means without putting a lot of other significances on it.
COMMAND PROGRAM A fixed idea which is so automatic and out of control that one never examines it o see whether it's true or not. Something that seems so obvious that it never needs to be looked at.
COMMUNICATION The interchange of thought, action and significance.
COMPASSION To have love for another without having to have it returned or acknowledged.
COMPULSION Feeling as if one is forced to do something by the influence of internal programming rather than external control.
CONDITION A specific level of beingness relating to action, whether or not the condition remains stable.
CONFRONT To view face to face without fear of being overwhelmed.
CONFUSION A state which is induced by trying to view reality while believing in an illusion.
CONGENITAL A habitual compulsive tendency.
CONNECTED A relationship formed by apparent or real similarity or significance.
CONSENT To agree to, either willingly or by enforcement.
CONSCIOUSNESS Knowingness and awareness not dependent on the universe for its arousal or existence.
CONSIDERATION A belief held in place by belief.
CONTRIBUTE To intentionally add one's own actions or ideas to a specific level or purpose.
CONTROL COMMAND A key phrase used to control a being with or without a body. Control through significance and valued beliefs.
COUNTER-PROGRAM The actions of the mechanics of the universe which keep one trapped within it.
COVERT An invisible and unknown action taken against another.
CREATE To place into existence or to copy or synthesize images in space and time. To receive the intention of another and then to copy or manifest the image. To send images on the Hypnotic Band to be copied by beings or organisms in the universe. To be influenced by the images of another being and then to dramatize those images.
CRYSTALLIZED Held in a fixated condition.
CYCLE Complete action in which the end point and the starting point are the same.

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