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Words Beginning with A

ABILITY To control, act, think and use without limiters or inhibitors.
ABSOLUTE To be, independent of existence, thought or beingness in space and time.
ABSTRACT Something that doesn't exist yet, but will, now that someone thought of it.
ACCEPTANCE LEVEL The exact condition in which something has to be in order for someone in nonconfront to be willing not to destroy it.
ACCESSIBLE Able to be reached through ordinary means.
ACCOMPLISH To bring to successful completion.
ACCURATE Precise and specific--delivered without alteration.
ACCUSE Having another be the focal point for one's own negativity.
ACHIEVEMENT Bringing a specific action to successful completion.
ACTION An incident containing motion, life, thought, cause, effect, space and time when in the universe, and not containing space or time when outside it.
ACTIVE Intentional participation in an action, identity or relationship.
ACTIVITY LEVEL That specific state of ability at which a being is able to manifest itself.
ADDRESS To place attention on or call data from a storage area of the mind.
ADVICE The helpful suggestions one gives to another that one wouldn't take oneself.
AESTHETICS Those qualities put into something that gives it value to the being.
AGGRESSION Trying through force to impose one's own beliefs and needs onto the universe.
AGREEMENT Willingly and knowingly participating in a mutual action or reality.
ALTERATION To change the way something seems to be without permission of the owner or originator.
AMBO The exact point from which one delivers transit instructions.
ANCHOR A solid point in space used by a being for stability and orientation.
ANGER The sensation resulting from going deeply unconscious.
ANXIETY Worry about why one worries about things that aren't happening yet.
APPARENCY Something that seems to be so but probably isn't.
APPLICATION An idea in action.
ARK The interval between the perception and the recognition of reality. When there is no interval at all between perception and recognition one is said to be in pure Knowingness -- the Knower's Ark -- the Luminous Void.
ARRANGEMENTS Set of actions determined by the family for disposition of reamins of the deceased.
ASPECT A form, object or idea as viewed from one specific viewpoint.
ASSESSMENT To prepare a list of items and arrange them in order of importance.
ASSISTANCE A simple and easily performed spiritual procedure for a being that has been suddenly overwhelmed and needs help to recover some stability.
ASSUME To take something for granted without checking to see whether it's true or not.
ASSUMPTION The exact moment at which the being assumes control of a body. Taking control of a body can be obvious and known, or it can be covert and unknown control with or without the agreement of any other beings controlling parts of that body, object or particle.
ATTACHMENT An automatic and uncontrollable desire for an object, action, condition, or relationship.
ATTAINMENT A specific state achieved through specific effort or non-effort.
ATTENTION Placing awareness on a specific action, object or thought.
ATTEST To testify that an action, achievement or condition is true, or as if true.
ATTITUDE A combination of emotions, perceptions, and beliefs about something.
ATTRACTION To feel compulsive desire for an object, action or condition.
AUTHORITY Issuing directly from a source.
AUTOMATICITY An action no longer in the awareness or control of the being.
AWAKENING Freedom from entrapment while remaining in the trap.
AWARENESS The impressions resulting from placing attention on something.
AXIS A Center of Gravity. Also a cooperative agency of the Jealous God World established during the recent Unpleasantness.

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