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Words Beginning with P

PAIN The sensation of going only partly unconscious.
PARTICIPATE To become willingly and knowingly involved in an action or identity without necessarily becoming identified with it.
PARTICLE The smallest quantum of matter that can be run by a being.
PASSION The belief that an object is valuable or important for happiness or survival.
PASSIVE A nonintentional participation in an action or identity.
PAST LIVES The belief that anything not happening now happened in the past.
PERCEPTION To view an object or a being through the sensors of the body.
PERMIT To intentionally and knowingly allow something to happen.
PERSON The identity a being assumes while in a body and having a mind.
PHENOMENA Forms or action perceived by the being, whether real or not.
PHYSICAL UNIVERSE Those qualities that seem to be solid about the universe but aren't.
PLEASURE Having something happen the way one wanted it to happen.
PLAYFULNESS An awakened being relating to the universe exactly as it is.
POSTULATE To think something into or out of existence by recognition that it is.
POTENTIAL The ability of a being to take effective action as a being.
POWER The exact relationship of a being to its games, objects and bodies and identities that it is running or has run.
PRACTICAL Able to be put to use for a specific purpose in the world of action.
PRACTITIONER An individual who has been trained to deliver transit instruction and has been certified as able and effective in that action.
PREDICTABLE Able to be determined before the action takes place.
PRE-EXISTENCE The moment just prior to existence in which the being gets the idea of, but has not yet created the potential for, existence.
PRELUDE Prior to becoming an exhibitionist.
PRESENT TIME All or part of the sequence of events making up the current form of existence.
PRIEST A Thanatologist who has passed the Doctorate Course.
PRIMAL EVENT (see Primordial Scene)
PRIMARY The highest and most fundamental form.
PRIMORDIAL SCENE The experience of the earliest moment of existence as viewed from outside it.
PRIOR Previous existence on the Time Line.
PROBLEM The idea that something other than what's happening now can happen now.
PROCEDURE A specific set of instructions used for transit preparation.
PROGRAM A definite sequence of action, belief, perception and/or sensation.
PROGRESS The apparency of change toward a better condition (see Samsara).
PROJECTION Putting one's own beliefs or attitudes "out there" on another or an object.
PROTECT To put something that seems dangerous in front of or around something that one considers to be valuable and vulnerable.
PROTEST The indirect expression of resistance.
PUNISH To impose limits on another for having done something one considers bad.
PURPOSE A goal given to oneself by oneself or by another or by one's beliefs.

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