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Words Beginning with D

DAMAGE To negatively alter the operating condition of an object or form.
DANGER The idea that something could become real enough to hurt or stop a being.
DATA Raw information delivered without added significance or im- portance.
DATE A specific point in space and time in which something happened.
DEATH The Terminus Point through which one moves into the Clear Light.
DECAY The alteration of form required in each succeeding moment in order for an object to continuously exist.
DECEASED The being after having just dropped a body and mind but who is still attached to the last lifetime through habit.
DECISION The intention to take a specific action after viewing several alternatives.
DEFINE Getting something understood in terms of one's own symbols and experience.
DEGREE The exact amount or level at which something exists or is.
DELAY The interval between the time an action has begun and the time it has been completed.
DELIVER Getting an idea or object to another being or location.
DEMONSTRATE To dramatize an idea through form and action.
DENY Saying that something isn't, when it is, or withholding something from another.
DESIRE An uncontrollable urge to have or to do something.
DESTROY Trying to make something not exist by force rather than by ceasing to create it, through replication.
DEVELOPED Fully or partly completed.
DIRECT Intentional control of an object, mind, action or particle.
DISMANTLE To take apart carefully, step by step, in an exact manner.
DISORIENTED Experiencing a loss of anchors or fix-points in space and time.
DISOWNED Saying that something isn't yours when it is.
DISPLEASURE Not wanting something to happen that happened or is happening.
DISRUPT To dis-integrate a complete form, action or identity.
DISTORT To alter, partially and grotesquely.
DNA The spiritual cause of the creation of a body image in space and time. The specific units of belief with which a being entraps itself within the limits of consciousness and existence.
DNA CHAIN A complete system of belief programs which control the being in one specific area and which must be confronted and replicated in sequence in order to dismantle and erase its control on the being.
DONATION An offering given willingly, even in a money culture.
DOUBT The expression of one's own uncertainty as projected onto others or on the environment.
DOWNER A being who is totally overwhelmed by it all, and is not able to have humor about truth.
DRAMATIZE To act out, as in a drama, with lots of significance and uproar.
DRILL To intentionally program an action so that it doesn't have to be directed by the intellectual mind.
DRUG Any chemical which induces body change thus affecting feelings and thought.
DURATION Period through which an event occurred, from its beginning to its end.
DYING The action taken just prior to Terminus, usually passive and resistive.

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