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Exploring the Mysteries of Science, History, and Nature

Bardotown Gazette
Satire, Humor and Parody. This is to death and dying what the Harvard Lampoon was to them other guys.

Bodhi Tree

Dead Elvis
If you think a dead guy might have something worthwhile to say this is the site for you.

DisInformation was designed to be the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs, politics, new science and the 'hidden information,' that seldom seems to slip through the cracks of the corporate owned media conglomerates. The goal is to get users to the information they seek, in the fastest, most efficient way possible. To that end, we're linking to a smaller, higher quality pool of websites, so someone looking for up-to-date 'alternative' news on the situation in Bosnia, for example, won't have to sift through endless webpages which say something like 'Hi, I'm Dave. I think it's terrible what's going on in Bosnia. Here's a picture of my dog.'

Fortean Times
Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents.

It was founded in 1973 to continue the work of Charles Fort. Throughout his life, Fort was skeptical about scientific explanations, observing how scientists argued according to their own beliefs rather than the rules of evidence and that inconvenient data was ignored, suppressed, discredited or explained away (which is quite different from explaining a thing).

Galaxy eZine
Original science fiction literature and art. Galaxy eZine has been a major player in the science fiction world since its inception in 1950.

Gurdjieff Message Board
Follow the link to the board itself where you can scroll down to read what has already appeared. You'll find a link there for the submission form. This message board rides the line between rather main line Gurdjieffian and not-quite-so-main line Gurdjieffian. Alternate views have been welcomed. Just don't be surprised at the occasional sighting of Gurdjieff chapter and verse.

Artwork from the Reductionist School of art.

Labyrinth Readers Society
They have been working with the American Book of the Dead since its initial printing in 1976.


Strange Strange World
What do Aliens, Wax Mummies, and the Expo have in common?

Newbie dot Org

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