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As a service to our various hosted sites we have assembled here for your convenience a selection of downloads and free stuff you may find of interest.

Sekrit 8Ball This is a preliminary copy of the Bardotown Safari Sekrit 8Ball. You are welcome to download and use for your prognostication needs.
Palace (Win95) This is the software used in the CosmoStreet Chats. For more information see WorkShops
Movie List A wondrous collection of movies sure to open pathways and trigger Bardo memories.
Book List A collection of recommended books sure to become part of your learning path.

Cyber Temples
These cyberspace temple spaces have been assembled for meditation and contemplation. Enjoy.


Magic Ball
Now you can finally get an answer to all of those questions that have been nagging you. The "Magic Ball" oracle will tell you like it is -- at least like it sees it given a quote random unquote image generator. Let coincidence control step in and give you the answer you are looking for.


A Bardo Comic
The Labyrinth Readers Society has posted a Bardo Comic entitled "Just Another Level" for your online reading pleasure.


The Teaching
The Labyrinth Readers Society has posted in several languages the key texts and prayers used for guiding voyagers through the Labyrinth. "Read in the midst of vast congregations. Read to heal the sick. Read to instruct the elderly. Read for the dead or dying even though they don't know it is being read for them -- your prayers and reading are helping them to attain liberation."


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