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Our Mission:
The Labyrinth Readers Society was founded in 1974 to maintain the craft of guiding the individual through the state of Transit between death and rebirth.

Labyrinth Readers Society offers Readers courses and Terminal Midwifery workshops -- and, provides the service of reading for those who are dead or dying.


Who, or What, is a Labyrinth Reader?
A Labyrinth Reader is a person trained in the age-old tradition of guiding the Being through the between lives state-- a practice found in every culture throughout the world; as exemplified by The Tibetan Book of the Dead, The American Book of the Dead, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Calendar of Shepherds. The tradition is an oral tradition,(meaning that the instructions are read aloud), which gives specific instructions at specific intervals with the aim of guiding the individual through transit or, if possible from the moment of death into Liberation.

Death is a function of life. We prefer not to ignore this very important part of life. The purpose of a reader is to help the individual make the transit through the dying process.The Labyrinth Readers Society works with the contemporary 20th Century text of the American Book of the Dead by E.J. Gold.


What is a Terminal Midwifery?
Just as natural childbirth prepares an expectant mother for the sensations, stress and joys of childbirth, Terminal Midwifery prepares dying patients for their impending death and transit experience. Knowing that the experience after death is one that most people are unprepared for, terminal patients learn to impartially view their life without regret in preparation for the final transition. Terminal Midwifery workshops and training include precise techniques for confronting the after-death experience.


Who Can Learn To Be A Labyrinth Reader?
It is our experience that anyone with a sincere interest in becoming a Labyrinth Reader is able to develop the skills and learn the art of being a Labyrinth Reader. We invite you to contact us directly for further information about how you can become a Labyrinth Reader.

Courses are offered by Readers Society members throughout the world, through correspondence, and online.

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