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Death and Dying Links of Interest

Dear Bardo Runner;

The links on this page do not necessarily deal with the essence nature of death and dying. Some of the links may touch upon these issues, however, by and large these links are included because they cover a wide variety of the more practical aspects of death and dying -- medical, psycholgical, nursing, legal and hospice specific.

These links will start you well on your way into the web, into avenues that can answer many of your death and dying questions.

We have a great respect for the work that these individuals are doing. It's wonderful that they are filling the needs that they do. This leaves us free to concentrate on the being issues involved with death and dying and bardo running.

“Book of the Dead” at a store near you.
E.J. Gold's The American Book of the Dead is used by many individuals at or near the time of death. This can be either one's own terminus or that of a loved one.

Because these events have a way of occurring suddenly and often without warning, these bookstores have consented to carry constant inventory so that shipping delays can be avoided or minimized.

Project on Death in America
There are so many approaches to the subject of dying -- from the technical to the spiritual. We must continue learning from each other with the view that no one view is right.

Part of the Soros Foundations Network. The concept of open society is based on the recognition that people act on imperfect knowledge and nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth.

Death News
Are you ready for death, sex and religion? Genocide and serial killers? Torture and mutilation? Body piercings, vampirism, human sacrifice, death cults?

They charge by the month to access and download sensational, grotesque and morbid material.

Death News has the same relationship to death and dying that a skin magazine has to procreation. I've included a reference to it here because you will see links to this sight speckled among the various death and dying link pages. May as well see it for what it is and move on to the worthwhile material.

Hospice Foundation of American
On this page you can learn about hospice care, how to select a hospice and how to locate a hospice near you. You can learn of our programs, read excerpts from our publications, order our books and videos and sign up for our annual bereavement teleconference.

National Hospice Organization
Educate about and advocate the fundamental Philosophy and Principles of Hospice care to meet the unique needs of each terminally ill person and his or her family.

Hospice Hands
"Above all I wish you joy in the things which are fashioned of joy, and an honest sorrow in what is of its nature sorrowful. Joy and sorrow - each is beautiful, and beautiful the heart's understanding of them." -- Kenneth Patchen

A bit sentimental. However, this page leads to one of the more complete Hospice link sites on the web.

Being with the Dying
In 1994, the Buddhist organization, Upaya, began the Project on Being with Dying in response to a call in the community to bring spiritual care to dying people and care givers. We hope that this project will be replicated in other communities.

UPAYA, 1404 Cerro Gordo Road Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501, 505-986-8518, Fax 505-986-8528

Hospice Links
Fairly complete list of links concerning:
  • General Resources
  • Children and Hospice
  • Organizations Mailing Lists and Issues
  • Consumer Resources
  • Professional Resources
  • Caregiving and Bereavement
  • Hospice Homepages

Choice in Dying
Right to die references. Some of the legal references are useful to unravel the questions of extraordinary medical efforts and the right to not be put on a machine as a body parts bag.

Death and Dying
Nice listing/cross-listing of Death and Dying related web content.

The WWW Post-Mortem Page
You can now search the WWW Post-Mortem page for the kinds of death-related pages that interest you. Links lead to brief reviews of the pages. For those wanting to find the best, I've provided lists ranked by stones. I've also created a page featuring new discoveries.

City of the Silent
"Cemetaries are beautiful places...They are meant to be enjoyed." That should give you an idea of the site. Well thought out and comprehensive collection of content related to cemetaries and burial plots of all kinds. Not sensationalist as near as I can tell.

Taphophiles' Timeline
A timeline related to burial customs and issues of death and dying. Ancient to Modern.

Bardo of Death Studies
We take seriously the study and understanding of Death & Dying, and are not a clearinghouse for information on the grotesque, the macabre, or merely dark images. This is not to say that you will never find darker images here nor writings which may offend some of our readers; we do understand that there is an 'artistic license' of sorts which some writers & artists will take in order to help others begin to understand something of their own personal journey and their artistic views or a particular topic. Sometimes writing about Death is not easy.
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