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On-Line Work
The Labyrinth Readers Society was founded in 1974 to maintain the craft of guiding the individual through the state of Transit between death and rebirth, or if possible, to guide the individual from the moment of death into Liberation.

Labyrinth Readers Society offers Readers courses and Terminal Midwifery workshops -- and, provides the service of reading for those who are dead or dying upon request.

One method that the LRS uses to deliver these services is the internet.

Online Workshops & Symposia
Current workshops include: Online Labyrinth Readers Course, Care-Giver Support Online, and special one day events.

Email & Web-based Courses
Please feel free to email us with any questions related to death & dying -- we are here to serve. We shall be expanding our web-based self-directed study courses in the near future. Please watch this page for updates.

News Columns
We post news updates on a semi-daily basis. This column includes a wide variety of diverse material of current interest.

Internet Gaming
Internet gaming has many varied applications. Beyond the obvious beneficial effects for patients bed-ridden or otherwise not able to get-out-and-about, there are a variety of training programs for care-givers and patients alike that use the technology of internet-gaming. This arena is being explored very actively by the L.R.S.

Bardo Comics
The Labyrinth Readers Society has posted a Bardo Comic entitled "Just Another Level" for your online reading pleasure.

GChat environments
In addition to chat software developed by TPI the L.R.S. is using a proprietary chat software designed to incorporate the special needs of the L.R.S.

Internet Links
Always in development and expanding, the L.R.S. is seeking to add links of pertinence and interest to the Death & Dying community.

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