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Thursday, April 13, 2000 at 11:17:43

Art of Dying III, Conference Report I
The New York Open Center Art of Dying III Conference took place on March 24-27th at the Marriott World Trade Center, NYC, and Pat Elizabeth, Paul Barry, Megan Whilden and Grant Abrams attended to report for The Great Adventure Newsletter.

The Conference started on Friday morning with Robert Thurman presenting. Paul Barry attended what was apparently an amazing presentation, and he will soon be reporting on it for t-g-a.

The afternoon presentation, with roughly 200 people attending, was a relaxed, informal and quietly informational discussion between Ram Dass and Kyabe Gelek Rinpoche. It was entitled, "The Three Phases of Dying," and it began with some moments of quiet until Ram Dass started talking about his stroke of about 3 years ago and how it had changed his outlook. Before the stroke he had published the book "How Can I Help"...but the experience of having to accept help and the knowledge that this was the guru's blessing led him to reformulate the question as "How Can You Help Me?" The gist of this, to this writer, seemed to mean: helping someone by only serving them could actually be taking their work away from them, but keeping an awareness of what they need and allowing them to help you thru their work, being challenged by their work, may be a better path. Ram Dass practices guru yoga and as he explained when you are a part of the gurus work, helping you allows another to help the guru. Noone's work is superior to anothers.

Ram Dass went on to say that he doesn't feel that "I" is material and that this is a dilemma for his doctors. MDs have a cultural feeling that they can't let their patients "die on them."

The Rinpoche quietly affirmed Ram Dass's opinions and outlined the differences between this western denial and the eastern acceptance of death as a natural process. He said that without the consciousness revolution of the '60s we would never have gotten even this far in our openness to the eastern philosophies. He described a model of death as being a return to the place from which you had come before birth, of getting in touch with the original.

Ram Dass talked about bedside it is easy for the ego to get very caught up in all kinds of different role definitions rather than simply making the necessary effort to "be present" with he or she who is dying. Sitting with the dying is a good Sadhana or spiritual practice. You can directly observe yourself. When you are mad about something you convey that anger to the person who you are sitting with. But if you remember the teachings or Guru you can use his eyes to give the dying person a different psychological environment. Maintaining a good death bed scene is very good practice. Ram Dass went on to tell a story about his mother-in -law's death and how at one point when he was sitting with her "there were only 2 souls and it didn't matter who did the dying."

Ram Dass then showed a film about Tim Leary's death, illustrating Leary's great joy in life and totally open approach of humor and questioning right into the deathbed.

The discussion then moved into the question of the Buddhist philosophies of the Bardos and the afterlife. The Rinpoche reiterated that the moment of death has no map, no statement, and only uncertainty. The identity changes and the gross mind forgets everything, the memory is erased and only some sort of imprint remains- that on the primordial mind. If one has made efforts of wisdom during the life they may be able to stay with the primordial mind for a longer time. He likened the imprint to a "mental gene" which survives the death and whose interaction with the physical is what is called life.

There were many questions and the talk took on the wonderful "give and take" feeling that happens when the audience is completely engaged as a part of the discussion. One question that stands out as summarizing the theme of the talk as a whole was "What can I do to become a better caregiver?" Ram Dass answered, "Work on Yourself."

Sunday, March 26, 2000 at 17:52:54

Conference Season II
We are back from an magical, informative and inspirational weekend at the Open Center conference...what a really great conference this is!

We will be writing up the presentations for the Great Adventure website and posting them this week, but as a sampler speeches/workshops were given by Alice Walker, Deepak Chopra, Ira Byock, Ram Das, Robert Thurman and others...and a wonderful crowd of over 1000 attendees and organizers. We only hope that we can keep the good energy from this gathering moving out out out and into the world of care for the dying. And so we will brief you in the Great Adventure later this week...take a look at up and running at a computer screen near you soon!

Saturday, March 18, 2000 at 18:12:57

Conference Season
It's Conference season again and starting next weekend with the NYC Open Center Art of Dying III, it looks like it is going to be an excellent one. Pat Elizabeth will be coming to NYC to attend the conference and we will be distributing a new issue of The Great Adventure to the over 1000 attendees at this major conf. Visit The NY Open Center to see the details, and if you get a chance come down to the World Trade Center and join us!

Monday, November 29, 1999 at 07:24:19

OLRC II Up and Running
The Labyrinth Readers Society Online Readers Course II started up in September, meeting on Monday nights. This course is for those who have completed the first readers course and are working to explore the Reader's Realm by combining readings from the American Book of the Dead, The Book of Sacraments and the Angels Healing Journey. Once again, the adage that "the more you look, the more you can see" seems to be holding developing skill as a reader involves spending more and more time with and around the material.

There will most likely be a first level readers course starting soon after the completion of this course. If you are interested please call or email the LRS. of the Euro con and a TGA conference schedule update, so stay tuned!

Monday, August 9, 1999 at 16:21:24

Apologies for the lapse in news items...its not as if there hasn't been any news. We have been getting almost daily notification of upcoming events and have gotten some excellent book reviews as well. In addition, Pat Elizabeth has just returned from Europe where she held a series of workshops and we will be asking her to give a report on those. Over the past few months many folks have been posting items to sell on Ebay. Among these are books and other wonderful tools which relate to working in this field such as Tibetan singing bowls, candle holders, altar pieces, Angels of Gratitude ceramic scuptures, incense etc. Ebay is an incredible community. Communication is everything, and there is an underlying trust and honor which you just can't help but notice.

One of the interesting things that happens when selling on ebay is that one receives many many emails and questions about the things that he/she has posted. Recently I had listed a copy of Dr. Claude Needham's book, The Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased and received several questions:

"Was this item conceived and/or published before or after the movie Beetlejuice?" and ..."Is he (Claude Needham) the author?" and "Like where did this book originate, as well....?"

So I got on the phone and here is the answer that I got from Claude. We thought it interesting enough that you all might like to hear it...

As per when the book was written and its relation to Beetlejuice he said: "The Original Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased comes from a place outside space and time and, therefore, which came first has no relevance. When the author saw the book referred to in Beetlejuice, he took it as permission to release the Original without worry of breaking the prime directive."

As to who is the author, Claude said that "Claude is the author for the Original Handbook. No single entity would step forward to claim authorship for the Original Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased."

And to the question of where the book originated: "Although the author wrote the book, the material within the book did not originate with the author. The author says that it was more like voluntary dynamic transcription."

Sunday, June 20, 1999 at 06:17:57


Review of an article by KAREN KISSEL WEGELA in Shambala Sun Magazine, July 1999

The notion of the Bardo - the in between state- is very helpful for anyone dealing with the end of a relationship.

The more that we can discover and help each other discover about this voyage in the Bardo the better. In this article the author lets us in on a few clues...

She says that the bardo is especially visible at times when a relationship is ending, or, put another way, during times of transition. These times are the times of great opportunity. "There is a sense of heightened intensity as well as a feeling of great uncertainty or groundlessness. Because we cannot rely on our usual reference points and Habitual Patterns, the possibility that we might wake up and recognize the nature of mind is enhanced."

The author goes on to explain how we actually are presented with our own nature again and again, over and over, but we fail to recognize it. So it is a good practice to take advantage of heightened opportunities or we will find ourselves once again in the bardo of becoming, wandering in samasara. Tolerance is the key word. Tolerating the stripping of false identities and roles and being able to be present in the presence of real presence, that is the key. Not reacting in a habitual way, tolerating the new situation. So, be still all of you bardo walkers and keep on truckin!

Send your articles or reviews to workspace@slimeworld .org, we'll put'em up!

Monday, June 14, 1999 at 19:04:24



Heart & Soul Healing Techniques for Releasing Lost Souls and Spirits By Ken Page

We live in a society largely uncomfortable with the idea of death. A few movies like Ghost, Powder and What Dreams May Come have begun to address this issue, but for the most part we prefer `happy endings.' There does seem to be a great fear of death and the unknown, even though death is one of the few inevitable events we all experience. Poets and writers through time have all called death the greatest mystery of all, but even in alternative therapies, other than traditional bereavement classes and records of near death experiences, there is very little written or shared about what clients say happens after they die.

I would like to address this issue because I believe we have been searching for the answer each time someone we know dies. I have done over 30,000 past life regressions, and I have found the moment of death is where I believe most souls or spirits get confused or lost.

One of the reasons we are here on Earth is to experience everything. Isn't it true we have the most compassion for people when we have experienced what they are going through and the most judgment for the things we have not done? What I have heard the most (over the last 15 years) from more than 10,000 clients, is it appears the only way we can understand this is to experience lifetime after lifetime of doing everything, until we find peace, as well as unconditional love for ourselves and compassion for others. Yet, my clients tell me death is a moment where all things come together for the soul or spirit. It is a time to feel and be aware of the highest light and love available on this place of existence. If this is true, if we come to Earth over and over again, why then aren't we all perfect? What happens to cause us to get confused or lost, if the moment of death is such a special and sacred time?

I believe there are a combination of reasons. First of all it appears there is free will after we die. We all know free will exists here on Earth, but the question is, does free will affect us at the time of our death and if so, why would it cause us confusion?

To begin with, while we are physically present here on Earth, we have our body to help us with time, to give us a reference in space. All of our senses, what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell, what we know, is based on our education and experience. When we leave our body those reference points are no longer with us. The problem begins with what we are feeling and thinking at the moment of death. As we pass over, perhaps we do not know we can leave these feelings with the body as we die, so we bring them with us. What would happen if we were drinking at the time we died? Could something like this confuse us? How about drugs or addictions? There are also many possibilities that might cause confusion if we were to look at the history of war or disease.

In my work, Heart & Soul Healing, I have found it very important to know the kind of energy around a person who is ready to move on. Is it fear, anger, hate, pain, suffering, war, torture or sickness? The specific consciousness around each of us at the time we die becomes the catalyst for confusion, entangling us energetically. A highly charged consciousness could easily add another layer of ideas to the moment of free will. It would be as if a part of us gets caught up in all of these energetics, confusing us

I believe there are many souls or pieces of spirit caught up in the different collective consciousnesses that we, as humans, have created: war, disease, sickness, addictions. I also believe each of us is here to help these pieces to be set free, free from all of these beliefs and ideas which history has trapped in the name of something. Each of us has the ability to free these souls by loving the different consciousnesses they represent.

The second factor that may lead to our confusion is what happens to our life force energy when we die. From my experiences with clients, I believe we go into everything at that moment, much like the experience in the movie, Powder. If this seems strange to you, ask yourself, is God in everything? I believe we are all one, so we too are a part of everything.

If this is true, then is there a possibility we go into everything when we die? If so, what would this mean to each of us and how could it change or effect us? For example, if a person who died went into me, it would represent only one cell in the 100 trillion which make me up. Most likely I would not feel any difference in my normal cycle of daily living, a cycle of five million cells which either die or are created every day I am alive. It appears this experience changes when a close family member dies and a part of them goes into us. The cell of them, which is now with us, affects us to the degree we are holding on to them or thinking about them.

The third factor that might contribute to our confusion at the time of death are our ideas, the beliefs we have about the afterlife. Do we believe in heaven or hell or purgatory? Are we afraid of being judged after we die? Are there people in our family holding onto us? Do we have ideas like, "I can't leave until I complete something."

The final factor which influences our death experience is how much of us is energetically present at the moment we die. What I have heard over and over from my clients is each of us say many times in this life each of us say, "I do not want to be here,"" whether that is on Earth or in our body. A typical age for these feelings to start is around the age of three, when a part of us does leave energetically and begins to watch ourselves from outside of our body. A part of us stays out side the body and can get caught up in the feelings or emotions around us.

Getting back to the fact that many of us are not comfortable with death, many of my clients h ask me how to best help a loved one who is about to pass on. The best way to help is to support them. By support I mean being open to talking with them or finding someone who can talk to them about what they are going through, their feelings of death and what they think will happen to them when they pass over. It is important not to judge what is shared or to put the person in a place where they think what is happening is wrong or bad. Find out what specific worries they might have about dying, such as what will happen to the family and how the family will support each other.

The most comforting and healing thing you can do for someone in this place is to just let them talk. Most of all, enjoy the time you have left with them. If possible go out and play together, listen to music, play cards or do what they love to do. Be open as well and share your feelings with them. Ask them about the types of dreams they are having. Give them an opportunity to talk about their experience and anything they have been hiding, or thought was bad or unpleasant.

The days immediately following a loved one's death are also very important. Be sure the funeral plans have been taken care of. Do just what the person has asked for and what you have promised them you will do. If you feel you must do more, do that after you have given that person their respect and completed all their requests.

Should you feel any heaviness around or with you after someone you have been close to passes on, it is very likely you are holding onto a part of them or you have taken on some of their emotions or worries. In case you feel spacey after being in the presence of someone who has died, make sure a part of you did not follow them. If you feel this has happened to you, get grounded and into your body and ask for that part of you to come back in. Do not be frightened or worried about this. It is very easy to take care of.

A very simple and effective way to release these energetics is to do the following technique: Put your right hand over your left and place them over your heart. With your eyes closed, look up with your spiritual eyes. There will be a light or a presence that comes from Source, which feels good. >From that light, ask for a guide or angel to come and hold any part of the person which may still be with you. Ask that they now be sent back home to God. To do that say, "I send you back home to God with love, on the count of three." Count to three and then release your hands from your chest and know that they have been taken back to God.

In addition, do not take drugs or drink too much after someone you care for has passed away as you are much more vulnerable energetically. It is also very important for you to continue to do the general Heart & Soul Healing clearing technique on a daily basis. If you are unfamiliar with this process, please look it up on our website: under the heading: Healing techniques.

Freeing a piece of a spirit or soul trapped in the past is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give to others or ourselves. This is not something just a chosen few can do. As you have been on your spiritual path, many of you have loved and felt God. In doing so you are starting to become a walking gate, a light, an interdimensional doorway into all space and time. Any lost spirit or soul could then see or feel your light or vibration and become attracted to you. This is not something you have to be afraid of. Just allow yourself to be open.

At the moment of death there is a gate, door or space that is created which will not only allow the person you have loved to go back home to God, but any other souls which might need to be released as well. In some cases , thousands of lost souls can be released in a spilt second. If you believe you know where there are trapped souls or spirits that need help, please let us know and we would love to support you in freeing them.

For additional questions, information about Ken Page, the ongoing Practitioner School, remote or in-person Heart & Soul Healing healing sessions and currently available books, audio and video tapes, please contact the Institute at: Institute of MCHT PO Box 13144 North Palm Beach, FL 33408 (800) 809-1290 ph/fax: (561) 848-7820 e-mail: website:


Friday, June 11, 1999 at 10:34:41

Conference Listing:
GREETINGS, Here is a conference listing that we have just received. It certainly looks more than interesting...and very reasonable too, so we hope you get a chance to attend. For other conference listings visit the TGA calendar. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR DEATH STUDIES 1999 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA AUGUST 2OTH TO 22ND



P.M.H. ATWATER. Near Death Experiencer (3), Researcher, who has interviewed over 3000 people. Author of 3 N.Y. Times Bestsellers: "Coming Back to Life", "Beyond the Light", and "Future Memories", due Summer 1999, is "Children of the New Millennium"

MAGGIE CALLANAN. Hospice Nurse for 20years and researcher into Death-Bed Visions, author of "Final Gifts"

YVONNE KASON. MD. Medical practitioner, one of the few Doctors to have an NDE, Kundalini researcher and author of "A Farther Shore" about the life changes caused by the NDE. and other Spiritual Transformative Experiences.

BILL GUGGENHEIM. Researcher into After Death Communications about the various forms of contacts with friends and loved ones after they have died. Co-author of N.Y Times best seller "Hello from Heaven"

HARRY OLDFIELD. A researcher into the Human Energy Field who developed the Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) system that allows us to see this field in real time using a video camera and computer program. This system also enables us to see the Chakras, Acupuncture Meridians and shows blockages in the normal energy flow that indicates disease past, present and future, also injuries. Discarnate energy forms have also been viewed and on the basis of research to date it is considered possible the energy field leaves the body at or near death. If the field contains what Dr. Brian Weiss calls our "Conscious Energy" this would account for one of the first aspect of the N D E. the "Out of Body Experience". Those interested in this research should contact the Vancouver number below.

PASTOR HOWARD STORM Had one of the most remarkable NDEs on record. During the first stages he found himself in a dark gray area surround by human-like figures that tormented him relentlessly. After losing all hope and in total despair he finally asked for help and was confronted by an incredible "being of light". Howerd was convinced this figure was Jesus and the experience changed his life completely. His story is astounding yet compelling.

Other speakers include: Marlene Krohner, her subject is "The Healing Message of the NDE", Brian Bain, BA. MA. on "Divine Encounters, Light & Ecstasy". Plus 18 additional breakout speakers.

Conference fees are: US$160.00 (C$225.00) for the three days, for one day US$70.00 (C$90.00) Rooms at UBC will be C$36.00 for a single room with shared bathroom up to C$70.50 for a double private suite per day .

Meals include packed breakfast for C$4.00, packed lunch C$7.00meal costs are : 3rd night Harbour Cruise C$36.50 Places are limited and early registration is recommended. To register contact either IANDS USA at; phone : 860 644-5216, or use the phone and email numbers below.

VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR DEATH STUDIES #409, 7231,- 120th Street, North Delta, BC. V4C 6P5 CANADA Phone: (604) 543-7446, Fax: (604) 594-5380, Email:

Note: An article on the Human Energy Field can be seen at

Wednesday May 19

Don't Wait! Prepare to Die Now
In a news item out today, Lynn McPhelimy, the author of "In the  Checklist of Life: A Workbook to Help You Live and Leave This Life!" is  touring the country and enjoying great success promoting her book. She  has appeared on the Oprah Show and Today, and has sold over 100,000  copies of a book which was rejected by 15 publishers. Too often when  loved ones die, survivors spend months or years coping with unresolved  emotional and financial issues. Indeed, talking about death is  practical, loving and cathartic, hospice workers say. It's important to  terminally ill patients to tie up loose ends. One way to approach a  terminally ill person is to ask what they'd like you to do to help.  Sometimes just being there is enough. In a very real sense we are all  terminal so these approaches could easily apply to what's happening here  and now. Look in bookstores for Lynn's book. The publisher is AAIP  Publishing.  

Wednesday Apr 5

Upcoming Conferences
Two Conferences are coming around...within the next few days! We will be attending both of them and will be giving full reports at the new and improved The Great Adventure e-newsletter website. Stay Tuned!

April 14, 1999 Hospice Foundations of America's Sixth Annual National  Bereavement Teleconference: "Living With Grief; At Work; At School, at  Worship" 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Moderated by Cokie Roberts of ABC News,  and featuring: Kenneth Doka, Ph.D. Michael Jemmott, M Div Michael  Krby, MSW Marcia Lattanzi-Licht, RN, LPC This teleconference is a great  opportunity for your organization to provide a quality educational  program for your community.

Wednesday Apr 5

LRS Course
HI, The Labyrinth Readers Course will be starting soon with informal opening, information, question and answer sessions on Wednesday the 14th April and for 2 weeks after that. The course is 12 weeks (+ the 3 intro weeks) and meets on Wednesday nights for 3 hours. The cost is $100 (I think) but I will check on that b4 the opening session. So if you are interested and/or have questions(or answers!)please stop by. The address is on the Palace chatroom software. You can go to to get more information about downloading the palace. Please email or if you have any questions b4 the 14th.  

Wednesday Feb 24

Back from the Workshop
Just back from a workshop weekend in CA. Pat Elizabeth and the LRS hosted the Beyond the Veil workshop and it was very cool, integrating  music, color and group work in the formation of collage, a hands-on project in exploration of the six dimensions. (Of course we don't want to leave out the dimension of the Clear Light which even though a dimensionless dimension, is necessary to be included in any discussion of them.) With an equal number of Spanish speaking and English speaking participants, the workshop was translated throughout. There were even some new words formulated to match the concepts important in trans-dimensional collaging, a wonderful new field of endeavor. Attending the next workshop and hosting are available to anyone who wishes. You can order the simple materials necessary to get started and the American Book of the Dead, the guidebook, at If you're interested in more information contact the

Friday Feb 19

Workshop News
This weekend,(Feb. 19-21) Pat Elizabeth and the LRS will host Beyond the Veil, a death and dying workshop, at IDHHB near Nevada City CA. Being that death can occur at any moment, we catch ourselves in the dream that our death will occur in some far distant time and place or planet under some idealized circumstances. Death can be a great reminder to "keep the attention up," to awaken to whatever is happening now. This workshop may have something to do with this...I am not sure, but I'll certainly keep you posted and let you know how wrong I was early next week...'til then or if you have any questions about upcoming workshops visit the canteen website

Monday Feb 8

A Good Page
Here is a good page with advice for supporting a friend or acquaintance. We especially like tip #2. Noticing things and keeping ones attention up are practices that any of us can do...not complicated and surprisingly helpful in times like these. This is from Dr. Stall's web site, If you have anything related to this that you would like to contribute just contact us and we will post it.

Tuesday Jan 12

Following is a listing of what looks to be a pretty amazing conference season comin right up. We hope to distribute The Great Adventure at many of these conferences. We also are trying to report on as many as possible. If you are planning to attend any of them have a great time. If you are interested in attending and doing some writing, reporting, or interviewing there may be press pass availability...Give us a shout at or any of the contacts on the LRS pages. We will be posting additional events as we hear of them. If you have a listing contact us!

Tuesday December 15

More TGA News
Hi, Greetings and hope that your holidays are bright. We are planning to go to press for the next TGA in early February which means writers deadline of, say, january 39th? Please, any and all creative or not writings or ideas would be much appreciated. Short or Long. We dont know how many pages this next issue will be and alot of that depends on material and the small issue of funding, which now that it is the 11th hour we will start to think about...So please, give us your tired and your poor, your hungry writings yearning to be seen and we will give them a good start in the Ellis Island of newsletters, stopping off point to the stars, IJ-TGA. Thanks

Tuesday December 8

The newest issue of The Great Adventure featuring interviews, book & website reviews, and conference coverage is now posted. This issue features an interview with Phyllis Silverman and coverage of the NHO Conference on Spirituality/Bereavement/Psychosocial aspects of hospice care.

Wednesday November 25

Bardo Reggae
I had been thinking about what entry we would post for today's news, kind of keeping it in the back of the vacuum of my mind, and suddenly there I was putting some picture frames together and listening to the Bardo Reggae, probably my favorite tape ever made by EJ Gold and friends. I wonder if many people who frequent these parts know that a great part of the LRS work is involved in Bardo AWareness Hosted Under Many BUoyant Guises or BAW HUMBUG? There is sooo much material related to this keeping-of-our-awareness-up and all of it is appropriate for Christmas Giving. Videos and tapes (we highly recommend Angels Healing Journey)are online at and books are at
Happy Giving!

Monday November 22

Hospice Hands Website Update
Jim Nash has completely redone the hospice hands webpage. If you are just becoming familiar with hospice this site gives a full introduction and the bookstore offers informative reviews of some of the best new books that are out there. Definately worth the visit:

Saturday November 21

Its been a busy month or ...
Its been a busy month or two with a major convention, the release of The Great Adventure, 4th issue, and a smaller conference or two thrown in. Of interest last week was a talk by Robert Thurman at Vassar College about the "innermodernity" of Buddhism. No other speaker on the planet can give a full history of Tibet, a recount of the development of Buddhism, a clear presentation of its underlying (non) philosophy, an exposition of the dharma, questions, numerous (hilarious) jokes, and a glimpse into the future of Tibet and the world in under 90 minutes. An absolutely brilliant, no holds barred scholar, we will be reviewing Dr.Thurman's Tibetan Book of the Dead translation and giving a recount of his talk in the next issue of TGA. From the recent NHO convention in Dallas attended by Pat Elizabeth and Paul Barry we have at least 4 interviews with some top names in the hospice field, and from a recent NY State "Best Practices" seminar a word about working compassionately with Alzheimers patients as they approach the end of their lives. If you aren't receiving the Great Adventure Newsletter, email us at and we'll send it right out or check it online!

Thursday October 8

NY State Hospice Conference
Had the opportunity to attend the NY State Hospice Conference this weekend where I attended several workshops and met some nice folks. Seems like more and more of the hospice material is centering around spirituality, maybe it has always been that way and now being more open/accepted...anyway look for this and the NHO Pittsburgh Conference writeup in the upcoming Great Adventure which will be ready for distribution at the National Conference in Dallas, early November, and will be posted on the web soon. Paul Barry and Pat Elizabeth will be attending that conference and Pat has submitted to present "Using an Ancient Technique: Readings for the Dying." Stay tuned... If you know of an event which you would like posted please email us at We will continually be updating this calendar.

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