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Tuesday September 29

LRS OPEN HOUSE -- OCT.3 from 1:00 - 4:00 Pacific Standard Time
This Saturday, Oct. 3, will be the 2nd Open House available on Cosmo Street for Newbies to meet and discuss the American Book of the Dead. Anyone may bring a guest and attend for whatever period of time. We will be having a very introductory discussion about transition, death, bardos, and preparation for those events using the techniques in the ABD. Please call and let us know how many may be attending. See you then.

Thursday September 25

LRS Transitions
This year LRS has developed online courses, onsite workshops, open  house chat, and the possibility of outreach through the wonderful  world of comics. If you are an ABD reader and know of a specific need in your field, please get in touch with the LRS development team. Goals and aims for the Year 2000 project are in the works. Contact LRS forum, or Online workshop begins Wed. Sept. 22 at 6:00 p.m pacific time. See you there!

Tuesday September 23

Bardo Comics Here

Monday September 22

A Relevant Story

Tuesday September 15

LRS heading OUT!
Midst of the campaign to send ABD messages out everywhere. Putting  together a CV to attend Symposium on "Faith and Technology" sponsored by Drew University. Never bothered with the curriculum vitae before but good clues from the "curriculum morti" located at Found that "live stuff" requires a certain language, like delivery of a communication - "with live mass". But the subject matter of the "dead' is a whole other story.  Looking forward to a CV for the dead.

Wednesday September 9

Wednesday, Sept. 23 will begin the next sequence of the Labyrinth Reader Course Online. The course has been continuously running for 1 year. It is scheduled for 6 - 9 p.m Wednesday evenings, pacific standard time for 15 weeks. Registration is still open for this cycle and interested persons may contact the LRS office through email at or by phone 1-800-869-0658. The Labyrinth Readers Course is designed to develop the skills of a reader to assist those who are dead or dying. Also the new Angels Healing Journey readings are helpful for healing when individuals are in a weakened state. For more information see the information on this website about online course.

Monday September 7

NHO Conference
In Pittsburgh at the NHO Conference we learned a lot from Pat and Lee about how to work at a Conference. We discovered the importance of maintaining a "post," a place to be available for questions and general access, where people can come by and chat. Also, seeing that conducting interviews and making personal contacts is the heart of the conference thing and people are really open to that. In fact a conference has almost a festive air and I noticed that there was a better quality to the communications...real ideas and creative inspiration are bumped to a slightly higher level. We had some great interviews at this conference, not because we are great journalists but simply because we were interested in what people are doing. Learning that interest, a good thing... now we have the job of compiling and writing all of this up for the next issue of  TGA!

Saturday September 5

Please join us Saturday, September 5th in Cosmo Street ( see downloads for Palace download, our current chat room software) from 1 - 4 p.m. Pacific time. We will be hosting a newbie discussion group around the ideas in American Book of the Dead. The format will be easy give and take discussion and general introduction to the use of the chat space, also the concepts of DEATH, PRESENCE, ESSENCE AND THE PRACTICE FOR A SKILLFUL DEATH. For questions or help in downloading call 1-800-869-0658. See you there.

Friday September 4

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
The strongest component of our trip "Back East" was the  camaraderie and the group focus. Many hours of travel time to and  from, and the conference time in Pittsburgh, were spent in meeting.  Meeting is the place where the overlap between the inner work of the ABD and the outer work of the Labyrinth Reader show up in strong "Living Color". Each example of attention and presence that was mustered by one and all created an intense work arena, a studio of intention and will. The focus and attention of a Labyrinth Reader is required in order to deliver a communication and know whether it has been received. The same is true in a "Meeting". If we are "well-met" then we come together as a unit, pick up our task, and proceed from there. The "Meeting" of the East Coast Group - participants in the work of the Labyrinth Reader in many varied forums is not limited to the 10 days of this visit. This Meeting has been going on for some time, and will continue and we find ways to fulfill our task. We can truly say "well-met". Carry on.

Wednesday September 2

Monday evening found us in New York City. Fresh after the wonderful  all day meeting with the assistant Dean of the School Of Theology at Drew University where some wonderful parallels in the world of education, technology, spirit and the ABD took place. Watch for the new online from Drew, and also visitation from Staff and students in the Saturday Open House, Sept. 5 from 1 -4 p.m. All are Welcome in Cosmo Street, via Palace. Ron, Mick, Jimmi, Evan, Bobbi, Lee, Tamara, Pat ate a delicious meal in the downtown macrobiotic restaurant and designed a plan for networked online gaming every 3rd Sunday from 11 - 5 eastern time. Check in with Mick for details. The East Coast gathering was further solidified by the wonderful hospitality and way going out of the wayness providing transportation to the next event in the Senior Citizens Nursing home in Middletown and further on to Providence. Thank you so much for all the great travel time. This trip showed how many different focuses can be held at once by a strong attentive body. Look forward to many more online meetings and development of activities and events on the East Coast. (Stay tuned. This trip ain't over yet!)

Tuesday September 1

HONESDALE, PA - Site of Group Work
Saturday evening, arriving after a 6 hour drive from Pittsburg, Lee, Paul and Pat, with Paul's daughter Katy, arrived in Honesdale at the Murray Center (Tamara that is). We joined travellers Cynthia, Mark, Ron, David and Tamara for an evening session designing a new LRS public introductory workshop to meet all generic needs from Hospice to Study Group. The session was exciting and lasted way into the wee hours. After some small hours of rest, the group rose again for a search and find mission. To complement the new workshop references to other Books of the Dead and other cultural uses of Reading to a Voyager were located in the extensive library of the Murray Center. Several important websites with Ars Moriendi listings were located. Much information for background context was acquired and will greatly enhance the general reading publics' first exposure to The American Book of the Dead in any talk or workshop to come. Thanks Team - A great effort well done! (Tomorrow - The City)

Monday August 31

1st Stop - Providence Rhode Island
This was a traveling workshop show. Setting up in Paul Barry's  wonderfully equipped office with HEI art everywhere, Science Fiction  Galaxy's from ages past, and treasures in the Basement, new LRS  business cards with Clear Light Prayer on the back were created and  run off. Brown University campus provided backdrop for a wonderful  afternoon in the park before the evening bookstore presentation in  Bristol, Rhode Island at Good Books.  next stop - Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh - A Pleasant Place. Beautiful setting for the National  Hospice Conference on Spirituality, PsychoSocial and Bereavement  Issues in Hospice. Met some 600 attendees and deliver The Great  Adventure Newsletter to grateful and eager hands. The resources  booklet with death and dying links was very much appreciated. Grant  and Paul and Lee and Pat all attended many workshops (to be reviewed in the next issue of TGA) and Grant and Lee interviewed a number of the main guest speakers. A very successful journey with terrific accommodations.

Friday August 28

Patricia Elizabeth Returns
Our intrrepid traveler, (Voyager), Workshop giver, Conference  Attendee, and all-around Bardo Buddy, Patricia Elizabeth has returned from her most recent sojourn to the East (coast, that is.)  By all counts this trip looks like it will require about a month's worth of news bits to pass along. We are looking forward to tomorrow's first entry.

Sunday July 26

LRS Uses GChat
The Labyrinth Readers Society has started using the GChat environment for its online readers course. Last week the first meeting was held in the space and it was a time for acclimating to the new technology and possibilities of the chatspace. All participants agreed that it's a great place to meet...easy to download, access, and, beleive it or not, completely free! If you would like to find out more about GChat visit the "hosted projects" at the Godd website,

Monday July 20

LRS List-Serv Started
The LRS has started an email discussion list. If you would like to participate in this open list go to the contact page and use the box to subscribe to the Labyrinth Readers Society email discussion list.

For those of you that may not have participated in an email list-serv before let me explain a little. In general the way the list will work is simple. Whenever a member of the list sends an email to the stated address everyone on the list will receive the email. This provides a forum in which you can express yourself to everyone on the list at once without a monitor having to act as an intermediary.

Friday July 17

BardoTown Gazette ReOpens
The BardoTown Gazette has been revamped and is newly in cyber-print. With a much more intuitive navigation system you are sure to find the fun bits.

Wednesday July 15

More Changes
As you can perhaps tell by the look of the website, we is doing a lot of work on it. Cleaning up the navigation and making things easier to find. This morning's meeting of the Labyrinth Readers Society was devoted to decisions about new sections to add to the ever expanding website. We think you will be pleased with the changes to come. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday July 1

Lighten Up.
Humour is a skill not just the luck of the draw, and an essential one at that. Check out a review of "Lighten Up: Survival Skills for People Under Pressure," by C. W. Metcalf and Roma Felible (Addison-Wesley, 1992) at Another thorough and well written piece by Don Smith.

Tuesday June 23 1998

Austin Hospice invites Patricia Elizabeth to speak.
Patricia will add a talk to Austin Hospice staff to her Austin schedule. Jane Scaff, RN, the Education Coordinator for Hospice Austin spoke to several of the department heads and there is definitely an interest to have Patricia speak to a group of the  staff. As her talks get known the demand for her goes up quickly. This will happen next week in Austin. Check here for a report on the talks.

Monday June 22 1998

Bookpeople Store - Austin, Texas sponsors ABD talk.
THE PEACEFUL PASSAGE: Spiritual Care and Guidance for the Dying  A talk by Pat Elizabeth; June 24, 1998 at 7:00pm; BookPeople, 603 N. Lamar St.,Austin Texas. 

There exists a long tradition in many cultures, of texts known as books of the dead that are used for guiding others through the dying process and beyond. Patricia Elizabeth, co-director of the Labyrinth Readers Society and longtime student and associate of Mr. Gold, author of The American Book of the Dead, will discuss the  practical use of these books to prepare both onself and others  for the spiritual side of the dying process. As she notes,  "Death is only the end of life for the body, the being  continues."

Friday, June 19 1998

Voyager's Quatrain Helps "Accidentally" Incarcerated Labyrinth Reader
I want to thank everyone for the support during my experience with the law this weekend. I could really feel the help when I was in that bardo space. When I was still in there and I first found out you and others were reading for me, within moments I got the news that I would be released in a few hours.

If you want all the gory details of the experience check out the Bardo News page on Monday.  Thanks very much again. Rick

Friday, June 12, 1998

Labyrinth Readers Course Online Hits First Year Anniversary!!
It was just one short year ago this week when the Labyrinth Readers  Society began giving thePractitioners course online to readers from as far away as Denmark and as close as next door. While there is still much to do in the development of further training and professional courses, LRS is pleased to announce that after the first year, 30 more individuals have completed the 1st step towards certification by graduation from the online course. Also, Paul Barry, Janna Hart and Grant Abrams have attended all three sessions of the online Practitioners course and are now qualified to act as Assistant Instructors. These 3 dedicated Readers areproviding much assistance in the course work and have developed with agroup of others into the first online LRS networking team. Fior furtherinformation about the next upcoming LRS course online to begin in September, 1998, please email or call 1-800-869-0658. Come join us.

Friday, June 5, 1998

The Great Adventure

Friday, June 5, 1998

Some Interesting News
Many people have "The American Book of the Dead" and have never used it to read to someone. The first time is usually the hardest. Stan in New York City had the book for years. He had even been selling the book in his business. When his mother was hospitalized 3 months ago, he called saying how miserable he and his mother were. She was not responding to treatment and he was frightened for her life. He was advised to begin reading to his mother in the hospital.

He went to the hospital with the book and found his mother in an agitated state. He sat next to her and began reading "Confronting the Clear Light", page 77 in the red book. He said as soon as he began reading, she relaxed and stroked his head.. She said she had been waiting for this. She said,"Thank you".

Thursday, June 4, 1998

More Reviews
To find very informative and well written reviews of Dying Well by Ira Byock; The Sacred Art of Dying: How World Religions Understand Death by Kenneth Kramer; and Language, Metaphysics and Death by John Donnelly please visit These were written by Don Smith and apparently there are more on the way. We would like to thank Don along with all of the writers and reviewers who contributed to the current issue of The Great Adventure,(where you can also find lots of illuminating reviews of events and literature)...Happy reading!

Friday, May 22, 1998

So What's Up with Dead Elvis?
If you haven't yet created your Curriculum Morti now may be the time. Dead Elvis is giving some hints on how to go about this on his news page -- Dead Elvis News.

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Reading requests are piling up in the LRS office. If you are able to do a full 49 day reading, or want to do a healing reading (Clear Light) for someone please call the LRS office and sign in.

Also, if you know of someone who is requesting a reading for themself or a member of their family, please send information including a photo to the LRS office, PO Box 370, Nevada City, CA. 95959.

LRS Committee News Update:

Members of the LRS committee met yesterday to further the work of  communicating to ABD owners about the opportunity for reading. LRS  will extend invitations via mail, email and announcement to encourage all of the 500,000 readers on the planet to step forth and help with the wave of readings requested during the coming months. Millenium fever is beginning to show itself and there will be many opportunities for readings. The LRS committee will be working to co-ordinate the various efforts of Practitioners, Labyrinth Readers, and Certified Vigil Maintainers everywhere. If you have information or are requesting readings, please get in touch with us via email: or through the hotline: 1-800-869-0658. If you know of an event which you would like posted please email us at . We will continually be updating this calendar.

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