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What Software Do I Need to Participate?
To participate in the LRS Workshops you will need an installed copy of The Palace Chat software and/or the GChat Software. We are transitioning to 100% use of GChat. However at the moment we still have a few workshops occuring in The Palace. If you have a question about which of these two options is being used for a specific workshop, contact the LRS and ask, "Hey, which of the two chat things are you using for this specific workshop."

You can download a special LRS version of the Palace software for Win95 from our website. Download Win95 version here. For other versions of the software for different platforms (i.e. Macintosh & Unix) contact The Palace Inc. directly.

You can download a copy of the latest version of the GChat Software from their homepage.


What Is The Cost For LRS Workshops?

All beginning and intermediate LRS Workshops are free. There is a nominal charge for advanced workshops. This fee will change from workshop to workshop. Please consult the schedule for information on specific workshops.

What Is The Current Workshop Schedule?

For information on current schedules and availability contact us by email or use the form below:

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