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Where did the name SlimeWorld come from?
Well as luck, and habit, would have it we were sitting around the food table (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) cooking up wild schemes, when someone came up with the notion to turn the next door neighbor's property into a huge theme park. Naturally we would buy the neighbor's property first.

Since FutureWorld, WestWorld, Cute & Happy World were all taken as concepts we went with our favorite subject -- Slime.

Being science fiction fans we have watched Beetlejuice 184 times. Buckaroo Banzai to us was not so much a movie as it was a way of life.

We pictured rides and exhibits from movies such as Beetlejuice, Buckaroo Banzai, House II, The Haunting, Carnival of Souls, and Ghost Busters. We figured anyone that could effectively recreate the after-life state of the bardos with a dash of levity would make a zillion dollars. Then reason set in, and we realized that since most folks would rather go to a theme park based on a jam or jelly than poke a little fun at death and dying we were sure to lose a fortune.

We did a little back of the envelope math and calculated that with careful budgeting we could blow twenty to thirty million dollars by Labor Day -- and that was just to get started.

Since we had to search the couch cushions for food money more often than the national average, the prospect of losing thirty million dollars didn't phase us one bit. We are ready and willing to get the project under way just as soon as we could find a backer that has the same attitude of high indifference to the weeping of grown accountants.

Given that a website only cost a few hundred dollars to get started, we did -- get started that is. So now we have our proverbial foot in the door, on the way to a theme park. This way at least, if anyone is crazy enough to help with our idea for a theme park based on slime we're ready.

Where did the various hosted websites on the SlimeWorld domain come from?
Well, since we are mostly a wacky mixed up bunch of shamans, shape-shifters, droids and other assorted odd-balls, it wasn't hard to come up with concepts.

Then came the harsh realities: "Hey, anybody here know this "html" stuff?" Okay, I exaggerate a little -- truth be known we didn't even know the initials html let alone what they stood for. But you get the idea. We were newbies in the traditional definition of the word. If you don't know, let me tell you. The traditional definition of newbie is: "If you don't know what a newbie is, you are one."

A normal company would do a website devoted only to their own stuff. We aren't normal. We would rather work together in one barn raising after another. That is why you will notice webpage improvements tend to rotate through the domain. First we'll all chip in on one person's pages. Then, after it has been upgraded a bit, we'll move on to another person's section of the domain. Each according to talent.

Following our initial phase of development we've had a dozen new folks join the team. We have artists, writers, programmers, scientist types, webmasters, actors (don't ask, we h.u.m.o.r. them), and even a couple janitors. Our motto is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple .... something or other.)

If you'd like to, participate in one way or another. Or, if you need help with a hair-brain scheme of your own, use our Contact page to get in touch.

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