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Angel of Gratitude

Angel of Gratitude:  "This Easter I experienced a sense of gratitude and the "Angel of Gratitude" sculpture presented itself to me as a beautiful reminding factor of the posture and attitude of gratitude. It was a real experience that went directly to my heart. I now have the wish and necessity to do something about it and the way this is taking shape is by offering the scultpure to you."

Link to CanteenCanteen:  The SMOG-Ops Canteen is the USO of drafted shamans. A place to compare notes, have a little relaxation, and sample the comraderie of fellow shamans. Since they don't shoot anyone or actually march off to war it's hard to get an airlift of entertainers. Hence they do most of their own performance.

Link to Cloister RecordingsCloister Recordings:  An excellent source of music from a wide variety of traditions. Everything from MacDuck Sings Jolson to The Terminators "Banned in 76 Countries".

Graphic Link to Dead Elvis Home PageDead Elvis:  Not to be confused with some other dead rock & roll singer dude. As evidenced by the Dead Elvis Sightings Page, he gets around. Maybe more now that he's dead than when he was alive.

Link to Galaxy MagazineGalaxy eZine:  Galaxy, also a former tenent of Slimeworld, has found its new home at Continuing the tradition of excellent science fiction started in the 1950's, Galaxy eZine is rapidly being recognized as one of the must bookmark sci-fi zines on the net.

Link to Gateways Books and TapesGateways Books & Tapes:  Transformational Psychology, Death & Dying, Shamanism, Zen Budhism, 4th Way, etc., etc., etc., Let's face it folks they have a wide variety of books.

Link to Bardotown GazetteBardotown Gazette:  This online eZine is to the spiritual community what Mad Magazine was to a generation of elementary school nerds. Is that the good news or the bad news? You be the judge.

Link to Labyrinth Readers SocietyLabyrinth Readers Society:  The LRS is dedicated to bringing the teaching of the American Book of the Dead to all those that have a wish to do something about their transit before they take the giant leap into that wooden kimono in the sky. They take their training of Labyrinth Readers very seriously -- albeit not grimly.

Link to Labyrinth Readers SocietyStrange, Strange World:  UFOs, space mysteries, strange landings in the night, abuctions, researchers that leap to desired? All of this and more... when Linda Corriveau explains in detail the happenings surrounding the "strange occurrence of the sleeping alien mummy."

Graphics Link to General Xxaxx's HomePageXxaxx:  It's not unusual for a scientist to have strange ideas. It's not even that unusual for a scientist to write these ideas down. And, by all evidence it's no longer unusual for someone to post these to a website. And that's just what General Xxaxx has done. Here you will find art, jewelry, science fiction, Just Because Exercises, science editorials and a bunch of other stuff.

Graphics Link to Contact PageContact  Looking for a way to contact a Slimeworld hosted site? Well, if you can't find a number on their website click on by here and give the gang at Slimeworld a cyber-jingle.

If you have a question about Slimeworld itself, this is definitely the place to go for contact information.

Graphics Link to News News  Not really a news site itself, Slimeworld chooses to point the direction toward a dozen or more rather interesting news pages. Bunches, and bunches of speciality news sites are listed.

Graphics Link to Forums Page Forums:  Slimeworld is host to a host of online Forums. Each forum works as a web-based bulletin boards where you can read messages posted by others and post some of your own. You can follow an existing thread of conversation or start your own.

Graphics Link to Links Page Links  He is where you'd go to either find links to my other noms-de-web, some friends, or links to search engines that require me to put up a reciprocal link.

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