Wax reproduction of an original sculpture by L. Corriveau displayed in Strange, Strange World, Man and His World, Montreal, 1978-1981

In Praise of Strange, Strange World or How the Man of my Dreams Came Back to Haunt Me

Strange, Strange World
A unique exhibit in the annals of science museums and design.

The Universe Unfolding
An encompassing vision of the Universse and the tools used to penetrate it.

The Next 50 Years in Space
A look at the exciting scenario of the Space Program over an extended period of time.

A multi-faceted exploration of a complex phenomenon.

Archaeological Enigmata
Delving into the past and dusting away the cobwebs of beliefs and orthodoxy.

A treasure chest of Fortean phenomena where reality explodes with unaccountable facts.

Mysteries of Mind and Matter
Pushing back the frontiers of science and the limits of consciousness.

We would like to thank Gorebag (a.k.a. E.J. Gold) for his invaluable assistance in bringing this story to light.

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