Wax reproduction of an original sculpture by L. Corriveau displayed in Strange, Strange World, Man and His World, Montreal, 1978-1981

Alien Caption
A transcription of one of the actual captions that was used to describe the alien in the display case

Quebec Science, July 1981
* A full color article about Strange, Strange World published in Quebec's finest science magazine

* The English translation

La Presse, 16 August, 1980
An article by Guy Pinard about Man and His World praising Strange, Strange World in its entirety

Bulletin de l'ACFAS, Automne 1982, Vol.4 no 2
A conference presented by L. Corriveau to the French Canadian Association for the Advancement of Science in a Colloquium about science museums, May 14, 1982

The Science and Technology Salon, Place Bonaventure, 1981
A traveling exhibit of Strange, Strange World with highlights from its various themes including the alien

Ancient Astronaut Society, Chicago, 1978
Photos of an installation in Chicago at the Fifth Annual Conference of the Ancient Astronaut Society and the Talman Savings and Loan

Poster/calendar, 1980
Three color poster produced by Strange, Strange World to announce its space exhibit

A short bibliography of books relating to UFOs

We would like to thank Gorebag (a.k.a. E.J. Gold) for his invaluable assistance in bringing this story to light.


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