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Science of Objective Hypnotism
Secret Talks Volume VIII

March 13th

"If we excuse our passing states by protesting that we are unable to .....”

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The Great Laws
February 13th

“If we are able to identify with something higher and occupy  its post or chamber, we can bring ourselves into a higher state.   By learning the identities and a few of the qualities of the  Great Laws, we can begin to penetrate their chambers; at first  only mentally, then in other parts of our being, until we find  ourselves literally standing in their shoes.”

Seven Bodies of Man
Janurary 9th

"Across the centuries from ancient Sumer, Mohenjo-Daro, Egypt--from shaman-priests, secret societies and esoteric fellowships--comes the rumor that Man, (that is, the human) as we know him/her, is not a completed being. There are other dimensions besides the human, the tales go, and other bodies that may be formed to function in those dimensions.  
What are such bodies made of? What are the specific  practices that enable an illuminated human of this dimension to form those bodies? And what are the appropriate uses and functions of such higher formations?"

Group Work
December 12th

“Group Work” - E.J. Gold,
“There is no better way to train yourself to consciously travel in the Bardos than in a group. As long as you travel in this way you cannot take automatic rebirth. This is your guarantee of Bodhisattva rebirth and no other…”  
Visions in the Stone
November 14th

“Visions in the Stone” - E.J. Gold,
"No one gave me data; very few had any data at all...I and others similar to myself, because we made the necessity to obtain data, obtained data for the Work. For us, there were no 'messengers.' If I had to stand before an artifact to obtain data which was only accessible when I evoked in myself a certain 'special state,' and moreover, a special state for each type of data, then you can do the same. Having obtained the data, I have become an "organic artifact" from which the data can now be obtained in the same way as I obtained it."  
Beauty Is Only One Pixel Deep But Reality Goes Right To The Bone
October 10th and 11th

*This workshop is titled by E. J Gold, who will be giving a mini workshop of the same name. There is no specific time given for this workshop; it will be some time during the 24 hour experiment. Mr. Gold says that we will be much more attentive if we do not know exactly when he will arrive and so he works in the crazy patchwork tradition of E. J. Gold.

This is the Workshop in which we transition into the G.O.D.D environment. Please make sure you have GCHAT downloaded. You can get GChat from its homepage at


The American Book of the Dead
September 12th & 13th

This year marks the silver anniversary of the American Book of the Dead. Twenty-five years in print! Do you remember when you got your first copy? Did your first reading? Completed your first Labyrinth Readers Course? Some of the folks here at the Institute have been working with the ideas put forth in the American Book of the Dead for over 25 years. Lets get together and share this experience.


The Hidden Work -- August 8th - 9th
"The Work is a return to this world because we have compassion toward the Absolute. Because of this compassion we are willing to take the obligation to perfect ourselves, endure eternal return, awaken the machine and allow it to act upon our Being as a source of transformation." 


Practical Work On Self -- July 11th - July 12th
"Working toward transformation of your Being not for your own benefit but  for the benefit of the Absolute, which is the same as saying for all Beings everywhere, is an effective technique for evolution." 


The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus -- June 13th - July 14th


The Great Mother
WorkShop 4
May 9th

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Man On The Cross
WorkShop 3
April 11th

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Brother Judas Reading
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Attention & Presence
WorkShop 2
March 14th

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A Wish To Work
WorkShop 1
February 14th

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