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Workshop 6

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Smog-ops Canteen
Practical Work On Self
July 11th - July 12th

"Working toward transformation of your Being not for your own benefit but  for the benefit of the Absolute, which is the same as saying for all Beings everywhere, is an effective technique for evolution." 


Opening Address:
This brief text establishes the tone and sets the stage for the workshop. "Workshop" is in the singular is a trifle misleading since there are actulally many workshops clustered together under this one theme forming the whole of the workshop. This address points toward the underlying thread that permeates each of the individual events.  

Schedule of Events:
Just as the name implies this page will give you the schedule of events to be held during the workshop. Refer here for timings and brief descriptions.  

If there are any materials needed for the workshop they will be list here. This can be items such as software to download, tablets and crayons, tapes, music, maybe even a cookie and milk. Whatever may be required, it should be listed on this page.  

Check-off List:
This page contains a check-off list of items and procedures for the workshop. Be sure to refer to this list periodly prior to a workshop for changes.  

To register for the "Experimental 24 hour On-Line Bardo Workshop" e-mail to or call 530-272-0180 or 1-800-869-0658 or fax 530-272-0184 or mail to IDHHB, P.O. Box 370, Nevada City Ca., 95959. or use the handy-dandy form below.


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