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Tuesday, July 6, 1999 at 01:14:11
First go to http://www.ebay.comUp at the very top you'll see a row of words:HOME LISTINGS BUYERS SELLER SEARCH HELP NEWS/CHAT SITEMAPClick on SEARCH from that list (*not* the search button below)Now you should be on the search page, and you will want to scroll or move downthat page past TITLE SEARCH and ITEM LOOKUP until you get to SELLER SEARCH -that's what you want!To the right of SELLER SEARCH type in "insane investor" (without the quotes)and click on the Search button next to it.The next thing you should see is a list of items that "insane investor" isoffering for auction on Ebay. If you want to bid on any items, you'll need to register onEbay, which is absolutely free and very easy.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999 at 01:10:57
Downloading Palace-Step One - Making Sure it's OK:To join the workshop, you need to add a program to the computer you areusing. It's a chatroom program called "The Palace". The first thing Iwould recommend doing is asking the owner of the computer you are using ifits OK to download it. It is a very wellknown and safe program to put onyour omputer and it should present no problems at all, however, it is agood idea to make sure it's OK.Tell your friend that the program will take up about 5 megabytes andrequires 16 MB RAM and a 486 processor at minimum, if he or she has a PC. If the computer is a Mac, it requires 3 megabytes(MB) of hard drive space,4 MB of RAM, and Mac system 7.1 or higher.Basically, if the computer is not really old or really full of stuff, itshould be no problem!Step Two - Downloading:So, after you've cleared this with the owner of the computer, you willwant to download the program off of the internet and onto the computer.You do this by going to (clicking on): clicking on one link (the differently colored phrases) if you are on aMacIntosh or the other if you are working on a PC (basically any otherkind of computer).The downloading process will take some time (can't remember exactly,could range from 10 minutes to 30 or more), depending on the speed of yourmodem, and you'll need to stay online the whole time because its a livefeed, so to speak.Step Three -- Installing:Downloading a program is like having a package delivered to yourcomputer. Once it is delivered, you need to open it, and this process iscalled installing. What you'll do is click on the icon or name where ThePalace software has deposited itself and then you'll be told what to do tofinish the process. Basically its a good idea here to agree to everythingthey ask you - not to worry! Here'sthe website for Palace questions: Four -- Using the Palace & Finding Cosmo Street:So, if you have now successfully installed the software,congratulations! It can be very confusing the first couple of times, butif you persevere, it'll get even more confusing! - Just kidding, it willstart to make sense after a while, or at least you may feel morecomfortable with the process.So now you'll want to doubleclick on the Palace icon or open it up fromthe Programs menu. You will want to be online when you do this.The Palace is a virtual place made up of thousands of individualchatrooms where people meet and talk to each other in real time. (Thepeople look like smiley faces and their speech comes out in cartoon styleballoons!) Once you've opened up The Palace program, you'll want to findthe Cosmo Street chatroom where the workshop takes place.To do that, click on File, and from that menu click on "Connect to aPalace". In the box that then comes up, type in a name for yourself to beidentified with online, and in the two boxes under "Palace Server Address' 9998 (the number goes in the second box)Click OK, and that should take you to the place where the workshop is held- it will look like an old town street at night.OK - best of luck to you! I definitely haven't covered everything here soany and all questions welcome - allow yourself plenty of time and room formistakes but remember that it's time worth spending as you will belearning more computer skills and finding a way to meet with others ofsimilar interests online!

Tuesday, July 6, 1999 at 01:02:20
MORRIS IS BACK IN BUSINESSYep, I'm back from my long, long journey to and from Barnard's Star Lounge, where I've been playing to a packed room, albeit smallish, for lo, these many months...I will once again be at my comedy club and other hotspots around Cosmo Street, conducting Direct-Contact Online Workshops in which I will be participating directly on the keyboard of my own computer.At the moment, workshops can be as large as 40 avatars, but the more important workshops will be far smaller, so I can deal directly with each and every workshop participant in a full and complete manner....hence, the workshops will be on a first-come-first-served basis, and we--no, I...I'll take the rap for this--reserve the right to reject anyone I consider unready for that particular workshop. I'll listen to reason, but I will probably be unmoved by your pleas.Workshops will be held in a variety of formats:1. Morris' Safaris will be held every Saturday at precisely 7 a.m. and end at precisely 9 a.m. that same morning. I can give only those two hours in that morning slot, period. Safaris are strictly limited to 8 room here for variations.2. Morris' Comedy Club will be open for comedy to tell a joke, how to diffrentiate between a joke and a riddle, how to deliver a joke, how to develop timing, etc. This workshop will be available once a month, timing at my sole discretion, of's never the's the delivery.3. Morris' Higher Ideas Workshop will be held once a month at my discretion. Freewheeling discussion group on higher ideas, work methods, etc.4. Morris' Online Auction Workshop--once again, I'll do one a month, period. These are very debilitating, and I need what energy I have for other projects requiring my....shall we say, "intervention"..?5. Morris' Esoteric Kaffe-Klatsch--this is a bit more on the esoteric side, and I'll be very strict with entry requirements here. If I don't know you by name and face, you probably won't have a snowball's chance in Hell.6. Insane Investors Club--I'll run one investors' workshop a month if anyone wants it, minimum 8 participants, or I won't bother.7. Open workshop--You tell me what workshops you'd like me to run, and if I use your idea, you attend it free.NOTE: Please never let money interfere with your work efforts. Sure, we'd like a donation from you for each workshop you attend, because we can use the extra funds to expand our outreach program, but hey, if you're totally broke and homeless, we can work something out...but how did you manage to get hold of a computer?ej "Morris" gold, aka "insaneinvestor"ceo,

Attention Power
Stay attentive to the Canteen News pages for updates ATTENTION POWER - Do You Have Attention Power? the 1999 Convention, Labor Day Week-end, September 4-7. To be held here in Nevada City. to register: 1-800-869-0658 or 

The Great Laws:
The 13th online workshop is titled "The Great Laws", so named after Volume VII of, Secret Talks by E.J Gold. The workshop begins at 7:00 a.m. and continues all day ending at 9:00 p.m. Cya there! Saturday, February 13th, 1999

A Note from the Night Crew:
SmogOps Canteen has been working 'round the clock creating the biggest little online bookstore on the net. Check it out at New lists are going up daily we have some of the best books on the market and off the market at great prices...also, soon to come, books in other languages...

A few new items on the online adgenda:
Attention Power Workshop -- First Saturday of every Month with David Christie a.k.a Bashoo (8:00am PDT-9:30amPDT)

Dream Circle -- Last Saturday of every Month with Meg Foard (1:00pm PDT-2:30pm PDT)

  Attention Power Workshop --  Last Saturday of every Month with Jimmi Accardi (2:30pm PDT-4:00pm PDT)

The first of this series of workshops will begin this month, Saturday Janurary 30th. The workshops will be held in Palace at Any questions or comments please e-mail or call Gateways 530-272-0180

With the help of E.J Gold, the Institute is now publishing a highly collectible, Poster Trilogy.

The posters are beautifully designed in full color and professionally produced. They each include anywhere from nine to fifteen images with a caption accompanying each of the images. The 11 x 17 posters are being produced on the best quality poster stock available. E.J is willing to sign, in gold ink, 50 of each of the poster designs, which are as follows:

1. "The Early Years" This poster will tell the story of the early years of the School, your School. Many of these images are being shown here for the first time. 2. "Cosmo Street" A number of us have heard stories about the "Cosmo Street" times. We have seen paintings, lithographs, serigraphs and currently, some of us meet in the electronic rendition of Cosmo Street for workshops and classes. The Cosmo Street times were an obvious landmark for the School. We will now be able to see the exact spaces and faces that participated in making it happen. Again, these images are rare and have been viewed by very few and in some cases, never before seen.

3. "The Faces of E.J. Gold" This very special poster design is filled with wonderful images of the mystical Shaman, E.J. Gold.

Each poster is $6.00
Each poster signed in gold ink by E.J. $10.00
All three posters $15.00
All three posters signed in gold ink by E.J. $25.00

Please e-mail your orders to or call Gateways 1-800-869-0658 / 530-272-0180

Next Workshop!
The next All Day Online Workshop is scheduled for January 9th beginning at 7:00 a.m. in Palace. The theme is "The Seven Bodies of Man."

Great News!!!
The Mask Workshop, with Menlo Macfarlane, scheduled for  December will be taking place in the Spring. We do not have the  exact date right now but will let you know when we know. There  has been a lot of interest in this workshop but the timing seems difficult for most folks due to the holiday season and so we have decided conduct it in the Spring.

The Bardo of Dreams Workshop, with Heather Valencia, will be taking place on January 22, 23 and 24th. If you haven't alreay registered, now is the time.

--- Sweet Dreams,

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