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Workshop - 01 Opening Address

"A Wish to Work". That is the topic for this first part of our convention.

With a Wish to Work anything is possible. Yet, on the face of it, it seems more than a little silly to discuss having a wish for something or a wish to do something, when we don't know what that something is.

If we used a scale of 1 to 10 to measure our current knowledge of what the work is we would find ourselves rated somewhere around minus 6.

Not only do we not know what the Work is, we have many misconceptions about it. We have rubbish laying around which occludes our true state of not-knowing.

It is going to take some effort to get back to the condition of just not having too many misconceptions.

In the beginning it is not possible to have a wish to work. Our ordinary wishing comes from things we know and things we want; things which mean something to us personally in a way that we understand.

For the moment just take it as mostly obvious that you relate to what you know.

And unfortunately what you know is stuff related to you.

Well, the Work is not related to you. You don't figure in the calculation. In terms of retirement program and employee benefits.....forget it.

None of these things exist in any form that we can appreciate as we are. Because as we are, we are still the center of the equation. "How does this relate to me?" we ask ourselves.

"What impact does this have on me?" and "When are we going to get to the part I'm interested in?"

So what do we do about this "Wish to Work"?

Well, how about looking at the prospect of having "A wish to wish to work." This looks more like something that we can actually get a grasp of. So consider the question of "A wish to wish to Work."

This IS a place where you CAN start.If we can't start there then maybe we can start with a "wish to wish to wish to work."

At one of these levels we should be sufficiently close to something real and tangible in our lives that we can actually address.

Comments from R:
I used to ask myself when i first came into contact with the work how i could increase my necessity for a wish to work and the answer is still occurring. The necessity for a wish  to work seems to be the beginning of the process after you've lost your peace of mind. I  assume that all of us here have some degree of necessity to either wish for a wish to work  or to address the effort of work in some further manner than we are presently or we perhaps  wouldn't be at this convention. 

But does the work have a necessity for us to participate in it? Obviously there are some ways in which we can participate as we are; other ways of participating require transformations of various degrees, evolution, if you like, voluntary evolution.

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