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Magic Ball



Use your horoscope to pick your movies.
Tired of picking a movie only to discover after ten minutes of watching that it's just not for you. To avoid this disappoint try using your horoscope as a guide to likely movies. While there is no guarantee in the movie picking trade this horoscope is sure to help.


What death reveals about personality
Your death will reveal much about your psychological make up. Don't wait until too late to discover what's in store for you. Use this column to explore what's your death reveals about your personality.


E.J. Gold's Movie List
A wondrous collection of movies sure to open pathways and trigger Bardo memories.


Magic Ball
Oracles have made a lively business of answering questions and predicting the future since pre-historic times. With the advent of the internet it is no longer necessary to make the long trek to Delphi to consult the oracles in person. Use this page to gain direct access to the answers you've been looking for.

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