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What your death reveals about your personality

"The last hour of life sets the tone for everything that precedes it," says biophysicist Dr. Claude Needham.

Here are the most common reactions to dying and what they tell about you.

Invite the whole gang type.
Deathbed scenes have an emotional meaning to you. You feel confident about your sphincters and think terminus can be more of an experience than simply turning the lights out.

Screaming and yelling type.
This can represent one or more of several things: 1) you haven't prepared for your death and you know it, 2) you remember the butcherous job that you made of your last afterlife transit experience, 3) you are very well prepared for death and transit but you enjoy a good joke, or 4) it just plain hurts.

Whimpering and whining type.
Obviously you have little regard for the sensitivities of those around you and are lacking in zest. If you had any gusto, you would either be the Invite the whole gang type or perhaps the Screaming and yelling type.

The sloucher type.
You lay around in your unmade bed listless and limp. You don't want to think about the death ahead. You're not only casual and take things as they come, you're down right apathetic.

The just-five-more minutes-of-life type.
You like creature comforts and are hesitant to try new things.

The don't-take-me-until-I've-had- my-say type.
You're a gregarious interloper that can't miss the last minute opportunity to leave an impression on those that you are leaving behind.

The die-before-all-the-company arrives type.
You are the sensitive type that wants to jump ship before you have to listen to all the well meaning pontificating and tepid wise cracks (1) that is the usual deathbed fare.

The last-minute-exerciser type.
You are the type that waits for the death rattle to express the words "If I had only...."

The vaudevillian type.
Somehow you have come to know the nature of the question that will be put to you on the other side.--- namely, "what have you done with the life you took [sic](2)?" Therefore, you are busy right up to the last moment working on your comedy routine.

The never give a sucker an even break type.
You are one of the legendary type that sell each of the male grandchildren one of your priceless gold-fill special heirloom watches at varying prices.(3)

1) Weak attempts at humor to cheer you up or at least break the tedium of waiting for visiting hours to be over.
2) SIC --- Spelling and/or usage is correct.
3) From previous experience you know that cash in hand is necessary to pay St. Peter the syntax.

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