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Slimeworld Information Polices

(1) FTC notice/awareness -- Web sites should be required to provide consumers notice of their information practices, (i.e., what information they collect and how they use it);

Should you happen to contact Slimeworld.Org the only information we collect is your name and email address.

(2) FTC choice/consent -- Web sites would be required to offer consumers choices as to how their information is used beyond the purpose for which the information was provided (e.g., to consummate a transaction);

Collected names and addresses are added into our newsletter distribution list. We email news about the Slimeworld domain and hosted websites on a semi-sporatic basis. We dream of sending the newsletter once a week, but at the moment send it once a month or less.

(3) FTC access/participation -- Web sites would be required to offer consumers reasonable access to their information and an opportunity to correct inaccuracies;

Since we don't maintain any information other than name and email address there isn't much information to correct or access. If at anytime, for any reason, someone wishes to not receive our newsletter they need only ask and their address will be removed from out list.

(4) FTC security/integrity -- Web sites would be required to take reasonable steps to protect the security and integrity of personal information.

We do not post or make available in any form our newsletter email list. Nor do we rent or trade said email list in any form. The list is maintained for the specific and sole purpose of sending periodic newsletters about Slimeworld and its hosted sites.

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