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SECRETS OF THE ANCIENTS contained in necromancy booklet; four paragraphs tell you how the ancient masters of wisdom healed the dead, raised the sick and cast out lepers. Box 1.

BET ON WINNING HORSES! Also on losing horses. Exciting new booklet contains over 1500 gambling systems. Swami Joio. Box 5990.

GHOSTS MAGAZINE. Do humans exist? Do they actually haunt new condos and ranch-style prefabs? How you can see and hear humans with new, extrasensitive devices. Box 584.

LOSING YOUR HAIR? We'll find it for you, paste it back on. Hair Finders, Inc. Box 9433.

PROSTATE MISERY ENDED FOREVER. Fast, natural method removes '@@rostate with, nothing more complicated than a sharpened tablespoon and a cheesecloth. Free info. Box 499.

BECOME A POWERFUL CLAIRVOYANT, Earn a degree at home. Become financially independent, see visions, talk to invisible playmates. Write to "Boy,", Box 1

BUILD YOUR OWN HOME OCCULT LIBRARY SHELF. Send for Suggested parts list. Box 1409.

  CREATE IN YOUR SLEEP. You can create marvellous paintings, Sculpture, pictures, other artistic stuff, in your sleep with our special training. Selling sleep artwork in advanced course. On cassettes, listen while dozing. Box 720.

AURA INTENSIFIER and boy scout knife combination can be used as pendulum or measure the earth's radius inch by inch, Box 25.

RECEIVE PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD, Late night callers will ring you up. Lonelv no more! Phone Pals Inc. Box 52.

LEGALLY AVOID EVERYONE with our new rubber face masks, look really good, will fool anyone unless you try to talk, eat or smoke. Box 385.

HAND REFLEXOLOGY. Ancients, medieval torture victims knew that it works. Book plus selection of thumbscrews, pikes and horseshoe nails. Box 633.

MENTAL INFLUENCE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS! Yes, now you can influence yourself with your thoughts, Dominate your body! Amazing book reveals secrets of poverty and misery you can achieve with only minutes a day practice. Send soon, I'm going mad. Box 444.

COMPLETELY ALL-NEW LIFE-EXTENDING REVELATIONS! Just in from the astral plane, these astounding revelations tell all! I can hardly wait to share this stuff! Send how, to the Guru of Cleveland! Box 486.

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