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BE A CERTIFIED MASTER OF ANCIENT WISDOM! Secret Lodge offers Private tutoring through the mail, learn secrets long hidden from ordinary mortals. To qualify, send donation. Box 319.

QUALIFY AS A TAX-FREE GOVERNMENT. Start Your own country now. Proven Big Money To Be Made In Politics. Box 45.

SEND THREE QUESTIONS WITH HAIRCLIPPING for interesting results. Enclose financial record for even more interesting results Box 41.

HOW TO BUILD AN ESOTERIC ANT FARM! Revealed for the first time ever here through this classified to a select few. No expense, no risk to you; Box

TOO MANY PROBLEMS? NEED A FRIEND? Down on your luck? Same here. Box 48.

MAGNET receives data on North-South orientation, gives direct feedback to you. Mounted in new spiritual device, the "compass". Box 62.

OCCULT LUCKY HANGNAIL. Miracles attributed by some clients, legendary source, amazing talisman- Box 409.

AWAKEN,NOW with Immortal perfume, one sniff and you're out of the dream! Free sample, must be renewed each Thursday at precisely four o'clock. Box 000.

  MEDITATION DEVICE also can be worn as marital aid. Box 114.

TIME IS MONEY. Cash in your chips now. Box 707.

HUMAN EXISTENCE NOW PROVEN in the badly documented book Beyond St. Louis. Learn the origin of humans, why they came to our planet, how they built the Model T, and much more. A couple of photos and crude drawings included if you send now. Box 111.

MEDALLION MAKES MEDITATION IMPOSSIBLE, talks incessantly, itches, argues, high-pitched shrill tones issue from medallion at random intervals. Assures safety of conventional mind. Box 591.

HOOKUP TO THE STARS by A.A. Essay. In this 5,678 page booklet the author demonstrates without a doubt that the human brain is directly hooked up to the galaxy. Now you can learn to alter constellations and get a real sense of self awareness -- Out There. Book includes a secret compartment containing 100 tablets of an unspecified substance and 34 never-before-seen original Mayan Space Vehicles. Send today to Direct Link, Box 9.

TUNE IN WITH CARDS. Tell fortunes with a simple poker deck. Instructions for New Age 7-card stud included with casino tarot deck. Box 400.

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