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SACRED SOIL. We have sacred soil from all over the world available at dirt cheap prices. For a mere fraction of the price that you would spend on plane fair and accommadations a pinch of soil from anyone of dozens of pschometrically active and spiritually active sites can be yours. Email:, Phone: 530-272-0180

HEAL WITH COLOR. Little known body-painting therapy works wonders, gets fast results on the street. Contains booklet with suggestions for interesting landscapes for different diseases and cucumber - extract dyes. Box 59.

WAKE UP THE GOD WITHIN YOU. Two books; "Wake Up In There!" and the companion volume "Shaddup, Willya?" Box 34.

MIND READERS DIGEST. A monthly b6lletin for astral plane healers, psychics and like that. Finally! A real professional publication that's written go6d by real professionals for us and the heck with them. Box 20.

FRANCHISE AVAILABLE. The E.Coli Burger chain has gone public and is offering franchises. Nows your chance to own a business of your own. Highly recommended to have a brother-in-law who is an attorney. Box 497

  STUFF EM & KEEP THE PARTY GOING Taxidermist seeks Epidemiologist, Endocrinologist and siamese Existentialists for fun or pleasure. Write or tap-dance at PBox 123. EAT AND GROW BIG Unrestricted food orgies actually help you grow big in this  astounding revloutionary nutrition program. Not only can you eat as much as you want of anything you want whenever you want -- you'll actually never have to exercise again. Believe it or not regular fresh air and exercise actually defeat the purpose of this program. You get all you need of the five major food groups - fats, carbohydrates and plenty of pure carbon in a variety of delicious dishes all designed with your bigness in mind.

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