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DictionaryThe "BardoTown Gazette Dictionary Project is a cooperative effort to unravel the deeper mysteries and fog-eries.

CosmoThis is the Original Interdimensional Voyaging Environment saved in cyberspace and released now for your use...this has all internet functions working, movement is smooth even with a crowded level, and you can record and print out chat records. Chats are private, because you run your own server, which is included on the CD-ROM...All you do is connect to the net, turn it on and meet your fellow Jellyfish!

GeminiFabulous 3-D Action walk-through of Hollywood Boulevard, circa 1968, including the Supermarket, where you'll find all sorts of vintage reminders of days long past...Steve's got his new invention, the  lava-lamp, up on the counter... You can wander downstairs into the sub-basement of the former Hollywood restaurant, where jam sessions feature every major rock talent of the sixties...The speaker stacks in there are genuine Sunn Stax, scanned just for this occasion!

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