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Fabulous 3-D Action walk-through of Hollywood Boulevard, circa 1968, including the Supermarket, where you'll find all sorts of vintage reminders of days long past...Steve's got his new invention, the lava-lamp, up on the counter... You can wander downstairs into the sub-basement of the former Hollywood restaurant, where jam sessions feature every major rock talent of the sixties...The speaker stacks in there are genuine Sunn Stax, scanned just for this occasion!

Psychedelic Poster Room!
Actual scans of vintage '60's stuff make up the environment! This 3-D ACTION walkthrough is so immersive, you'll feel as if you're back there again! Wild Man Fischer...there he goes! And Caesar...and Vinnie...oh, there's Billy Byers, Jr. over at the Gold Cup...and look! Isn't that Lester the Jester (Sidney Plotnik) going into "Hell-Bent-For-Leather"...?

Gary's at posters with Tommy & Eppie Epstein, and you'll see the legendary "Famous Gene" and lots of other folks you'll recognize... of course, if you were really there, you won't remember a thing!

This disk is available unsigned at a mere $59.95.... If you were looking for the collectors edition, that will be a bit pricer.

Gemini Screen Shot

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