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You no longer need live in the same town in order to have one of THOSE meetings...

This is the Original Interdimensional Voyaging Environment saved in cyberspace and released now for your use...this has all internet functions working, movement is smooth even with a crowded level, and you can record and print out chat records. Chats are private, because you run your own server, which is included on the CD-ROM...All you do is connect to the net, turn it on and meet your fellow Jellyfish!

here are the features:
  1. ready to use
  2. contains chat function
  3. will record/write chat function
  4. has all ACTIVE Sephiroth Disks in place
  5. consecrated space
  6. candlelight
  7. all invo functions are IN
  8. ideal for pro ABD readings, etc.
  9. interdimensional voyaging functions are IN
  10. L-3 & L-5 are GO in this version!
If you have any questions about the above specs, this might not be for you. Test yourself. Are you a Jellyfish? If not, but you ARE a slimemold from the 37th century, then it'd be okay if you bought it. Of course, if you're a human from planet earth, you have no business whatever with it, and merely viewing the screenshot below could be hazardous to your peace of mind....

you will not find this item anywhere--even at the GAZETTE

Cosmo Screen Shot

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