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Candle Magic Library

Practical Candleburning Rituals
Raymond Buckland

Spells and rituals for every purpose.

Advanced Candle Magick
Ray Buckland

More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose

Singing Bowl: Exercises for Personal Harmony
Anneke Huyser

Practical Uses for Singing Bowls including Healing and Transformation

Wylundt's Book of Incense

Will appeal to Rosicrucian students of alchemy, Hermeticism, and herbal medicine.

Communing with the Spirits
Martin Coleman

The Magical Practice of Necromancy, simply and lucidly explained, with full instructions for the practice.

The Magick of Chant-0-Matics
Raymond Buckland

Whatever you need...this book contains nearly 300 chants which the author says will help you get it.

Magic with Incense and Powders
Anna Riva

850 Rituals and Uses with Chants and Prayers

The Master Book of Candle Burning
Henri Gamache

How to Burn Candles for Every Purpose

The Magic Candle
Charmaine Dey

Facts and Fundamentals of Ritual Candle Burning

Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume I
Tina Ketch

Candles have the ability to bring into your live a sort of magic which you, yourself intrinsically hold.

Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume II
Tina Ketch

Written with the intent to allow those who read and follow its instructions to raise the vibrational level on which they function, thus achieving their heart's desire.

Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms
William Alexander Oribello

Create Life's Greatest Blessings by combining the Power of the Holy Psalms with the Magic of Burning Different Colored Candles

Candle Magick: a Guide for the Novice
J. E. Auer

This book will give you the basic concepts to awaken the ability to use your natural magic.

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews
Scott Cunningham

A Complete Cookbook with a large number and wide variety of recipes.

A Grimoire of Shadows
Ed Fitch

Witchcraft, Paganism & Magick

Tina Ketch's Candle Lighting Workbook
Tina Ketch

Learn how and when to light candles using the universal vibrational equation.

Sacred Magic
William Alexander Oribello

Learn to control your life in relation to outside influences.

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