$25 Quantity/Comments:
Simple waveform (typically small) without a bead. Each piece is unique. Please indicate if you want a matched set for earrings.
$35 Quanty/Comments:
Not-So-Simple waveform (typically medium to large) also without a bead. Each piece is even more unique. I wouldn't normally think of these as suitable for earrings. However I am willing to listen.
$40 Quanty/Comments:
Waveform with Bead Type I. Type I beads are typically inexpensive for me to obtain and I live in the dream that the market has not changed too-too much and that I will be able to replace beads as they sell.
$55 Quanty/Comments:
Waveform with Bead Type II. These beads typically are not-so-cheap and I don't know if I can replace them until I try.
POR Quanty/Comments:
Type III beads are hard for me to come by and I may or may not be able to replace them. In addition these beads can cost anywhere from a little under a hundred up to many thousands of dollars. Not to be dissuaded, even though these beads are typically very nice many of them can still be had for a few hundred dollars or less.

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