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Waveforms. Made from pure silver and beads. Okay, the silver is only 99.9% pure. But, that's a heck of a lot better that even sterling silver which is only 92.5% silver -- the other 7.5% being made up of copper and G-O-K (a metal composed of god only knows).

Triple-nine fine silver is a wonder to work with. It starts soft as butter. Then as one hammers the form, the silver the metal loses its softness becoming hard and springy.

I work with a tiny 2 inch anvil and a hand-made ball hammer. Along with a pair of round-nosed pliers and wire snips that is all the tools I need to create waveforms. I prefer to keep it simple.

The elegance of each waveform is a by-product of intent and atmosphere not of design. I learned the art of making waveforms from science fiction author, artist and partner in science E.J. Gold (a.k.a. General Nunan).

I've been working with hammered metal for ten years now. Even though each piece is unique onto itself, I do have several series that surface from time to time running through my work like warp in a carpet.

Even though each piece is unique onto itself, I do have several series that surface from time to time running through my work like warp in a carpet.

When I sit to create a piece, sometimes it's necessary to make a half dozen waveforms just to let out old friends that have been waiting to say hello. One could look at these warm-up pieces as "getting my chops up." More to the point, I scanning the forms looking to come on beam.

Why not use an incorruptible metal such as gold?
Silver will accept and hold a psychometric charge easier than most metals. This helps in the original formation of the piece during its creation.
And, it helps in the ongoing formation of the piece during its relationship with the one that wears it.
Waveforms without beads can run in price from $25 to $85. Waveforms with beads can range in price from $35 to $4500. Why the dramatic price difference? It is completely dependent upon the associated bead. An African blue while gorgeous doesn't cost all that much. On the other hand a particularly fine Sumerian bead can cost thousands and a good chevron bead can easily cost hundreds. Hence, the price varies up and down the scale.
But, let's face it you're probably not going to want an ancient Phoenician face bead. You'll probably be seeking something more in the line of a simple waveform with an antique or semi-precious bead. For these the prices are most typically below $100. You won't be disappointed.
One should never let price be the deciding factor in a purchase. First, you must know whether or not you want it. Then, and only then, should you consider price. Just because something is free is no reason to take it. And, if you really want something a price can always be worked out.

Besides, not to worry, I am having my prices as low as I can for hand-formed silver jewelry. You won't be disappointed.

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