Chapter LV
by General (Uncle Claude) Xxaxx
& General (E.J. Gold) Nunan PFC 1st Class Ret.

Clairvoyance has always been a bit disconcerting to Woo. The visions form and shift so quickly that it is a bit like watching previews of coming vidi attractions in fast forward backwards.

Woo saw the typical shifting clouds of mist and self-luminous lights that she has come to affectionately identify as the equivalent of opening credits. Only in this case, the names have been left off to protect the nameless.

A flash of Little Roy walking the parking lot in the area behind Ja Mere’s apartment.

The hallway, half lit and echoing with the hollow sound of small feet upon the wooden stairs. This must be Little Roy walking the three flights up to Ja Mere’s door.

Ja Mere walking in from an adjoining room carrying a tray of hot drinks and some small food items — a snack, for the two of them apparently. Only two cups and two plates of food.

Ja Mere is laughing and asking Little Roy some questions. Every now and again, Ja Mere discretely makes a note in what must be a laboratory data book.

Little Roy slumps forward passing out. The tea must have been drugged.

Ja Mere picks up Little Roy’s limp form and half carries and half drags him into the sekrit laboratory.

Next, Woo is shown five or six flashes of various images showing Little Roy bedecked in different configurations of sensing apparatus.

Ja Mere is noticeably agitated. His face shows extreme excitement and a trace or two of fear.

Ja Mere is madly typing at his terminal.

The next few visions are too confused to discern.

Then Woo is treated to an almost tragi-comic display of Ja Mere hurriedly dragging Little Roy’s still unconscious form back out of the tunnel leading into Ja Mere’s laboratory and propping him up in the couch.

Just as Ja Mere begins to remove the used food and drink tray, a group of five bosspersons break into the room — out of thin air.

If there was anyone there to notice Woo’s still form, they would see beads of cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. As it is, Ja Mere and Little Roy have passed out shortly after she entered into trance. The psychic wake created by this voyage was too strong to not have a direct effect on Ja Mere and Little Roy. And as usual, the response of an untrained voyager to a space too rarefied to deal with was to pass out.

In the vision, Woo could see Ja Mere and Little Roy held from behind — Ja Mere struggling in the bossperson’s grasp and Little Roy passed out head flopped forward still under the effects of whatever drug Ja Mere had slipped into the goober’s tea.

As it turns out, this is a blessing for the poor goober, for during the next three and a half minutes, the two of them are beaten without mercy. In every way possible, the beating is flaunted. They expected Woo or someone like her to be viewing this scene with remote seeing.

The next image is too indistinct to discern, but it is quickly followed by an interior view of a modified taxi. They were being taken to another location.

The vision from the window corresponded to the environs around the factory. They were being brought to the factory that was shown to Woo by Joey Boy.

Next, Woo is treated to a close-up view of frosted glass and embedded chicken wire — the door on the west wall of the factory, locked from the the outside.

Bosspersons pushing garbage and nondescript material away from the center of the interior room making a clearing in the center of the room.

Here, the bosspersons beat the senseless forms of Little Roy and Ja Mere. They are not even conscious. There is no pretense at extracting information. The bosspersons are beating them for the sole purpose of leaving the evidence on the floor and the psychic contamination of their brutality.

Leave psychic reading for Woo to find if Woo is the one.

Door to the north leads to parking lot. This could be how they came into the room.

A key had been left in the lock and broken off. Solid metal door. Someone had to lock the door break key, off and leave.

A distracting image of millions of hair strands and explosive devices.

The next image is a close up of teeth crunching into flesh and through bone. The cold-hearted bastards have just leaned over and bit the finger from Little Roy.

A finger bounces on the dark floor and rolls to a stop in the filth.

Overlaid on this vision of a bouncing finger is a trail of hundreds of similar fingers bouncing, only to come to rest in the surrounding filth. This drama has been played over and over again.

The bosspersons were performing an elaborate ritual, or deliberately leaving a trail for someone to follow — perhaps both.

A scene of bosspersons joined hand in hand making obscene gestures with their writhing bodies. This was foul. This was evil — malign and powerful.

Next, Woo was treated to a slow motion visual of a wall being blown outward. As the dust and debris cleared the air, Woo could see through the haze a completely alien environment.

Woo began to stir uneasily in her trance. Something was very much amiss. She had been led here by the bosspersons. But it was not her personally that was led. Anyone with her abilities and predilections would have followed.

In a flash it came to Woo what this was all about.

Starting into full wakefulness for only a moment, Woo yells out to the now alert Ja Mere and Little Roy, “the bosspersons have set up an elaborate filter to select for me. They must have known of my coming for decades, and they have been looking since the beginning for someone to follow their trail of horrific clues.” With this, she settled back into trance with the subtlety of a bag of falling bricks.

In her visions, Woo could see black clouds of mist flowing around her in a dance of approach. There is something that these black wisps of smoke want from her. Anticipation of them touching her sent shivers up Woo’s back.

With the same conviction that Woo knew that these were the souls of the bosspersions, she also knew she would not avoid the embrace of these tendrils of clawing blackness — each seeking to hold Woo in its hungry grasp. The hunger and greed of these black wisps of somethingness sent quakes of revulsion through Woo. If she can avoid their slavering needs for just a few moments, it would give her the time she needed to contact Stan Lee. It has become pressingly important to Woo to verify the status of Project Levity and find out how the “Happy Birthday Party” plans were progressing.

Setting one portion of her attention to the task of avoiding the strands of black, Woo used a second portion of her consciousness to locate and activate the emerald necklace worn by Stan, and another portion of her consciousness to locate and draw Little Roy and Ja Mere into trance.

It was a simple matter to tap Ja Mere’s awareness on-line with her etheric vision like a parallel monitor. Little Roy required more subtlety to patch into the communication link — there is something very unsimple about the simplicity of his psychic makeup.

Once the three of them have been merged into a single point of view, Woo pressed firmly on the psychic keys, opening the emerald necklace enabling Woo, Ja Mere and Little Roy to watch the events as Stan Lee sees them.


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