Chapter XXXI
by General (Uncle Claude) Xxaxx
& General (E.J. Gold) Nunan PFC 1st Class Ret.

As there was no vidphone available Woo was forced to make do with an older audiophone. This would require more finesse ó no visual queues for Ja Mere to spin off of.

ďJa Mere, this is Professor Woo. I canít talk long or clearly.Ē That was the code reference to Iím on a phone that is most probably tapped and I canít talk in the clear or in other words: hint, hint read between the lines, dummy. Fortunately given the general slow wittedness of citizins, the eggheads didnít have to be all that clever in their codes.

ďWhatís up, Prof? Iím with you.Ē Ja Mere rejoined.

ďIíve invited a young friend to the dinner tonight. I hope youíll be able to play your part and make him feel comfortable. I hope this doesnít change things between us. If you give it a chance Iím sure weíll see eye to eye again before long.Ē Or, in other words: follow my lead, play along, very soon Iíll be able to fill you in on the gaps and we can work out the details.

ďAre we still on for the Savoy Three?Ē

ďYou bet, Ja Mere. Canít give up reservations that took three months advance warning. See you there.Ē

Actually the Cownsil has a standing reservation at the Savoy Three under different names for every night of the week for every week of the year. Now and then they let a reservation lapse allowing the hoi-poloi fight over the reservation. Othewise itís a question of which research team needs a secure conference space the most. Since the bubblers canít tell one egghead from another, anyone can show up under any name whatever the eveningís reservation.


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