Chapter XX
by General (Uncle Claude) Xxaxx
& General (E.J. Gold) Nunan PFC 1st Class Ret.

“This really is quite awkward,” Drak thought to himself as he stared down at the strangely vibrant goober. “I wish the weavers of time would give a few extra hints. Yes, another chapter in the continuing adventures of Drak & It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time. Even when implanting the suggestion for Woo to bring this one to China, I knew that it was most definitely a good idea. I knew with equal certainty that I hadn’t the foggiest idea why. It was a vain hope to expect any inspiration of what to do prior to the actual meeting. As far as coincidence control is concerned it was enough that I knew we should meet. That fulfilled destiny’s immediate needs. Destiny is very parsimonious when it comes to actual hints of what to do once the meeting occurs.”

This goober was worth meeting. Drak could tell that without hints or inspiration. The goober himself was clue enough. For years the goobers have been treated by one and all as slightly defective citizins — treated with disdain by eggheads and citizins. The Citizins hoping to add injury to insult gave the goobers the unsavory job of watching eggheads to prevent the eggheads from engaging in xpearimintation. No one wanted to be associated with eggheads and be forced to accept the social blow that such an association would inevitably have. And since the egghead’s guard always disappeared whenever an egghead disappeared even more reason to give the job of watching eggheads to the ‘lowly’ goober. At least so the Citizins thought. Looking down at this Little Roy standing so solid on the concrete sidewalks impervious to the pitch and bally of sidewalk barkers, Drak saw not a slightly defective citizin. Clearly this is a third species deserving of its own recognition by the Dragon Clans. Perhaps this is the whole of Drak’s current task, to assess the goobers so that formal procedures can be implemented to bring them into direct communication with the Dragons.

All of this took a split part of a single second to pass within Drak’s mentation. Forgetting for a moment that he was actually in the scene and not using far-seeing Drak mused aloud more to himself than anyone else, “And what are we to do with you, little one?”

“You could start by introducing yourself. Mother says that is only polite.” Little Roy answered in a most beguiling direct tone.

“Yes, you have a point there. It would be not only polite but friendly. And, any friend of Professor Woo’s is a friend of mine. My name is Drak. I am a dragon. Does that surprise you?”

“One of Joey Boy’s spaghetti machines showed me a picture of a dragon turning into a green cloud that looked like you.”

“You must tell me about Joey Boy and his spaghetti machines.” It was beginning to show itself why this meeting had to come to pass. There was much more here than met the eye — even the astral eyes. No one other than a dragon has ever seen into the palace realms where they twist the smoke of space to manifest form changes. Something quite unexpected was a foot. “Speaking of feet, I think it is time that the we got off ours and had a nice visit. Maybe back at your hotel would be fun?”

“Okay, but first we have to go to the Gronkomatic factory. The kids in the gang won’t believe it that I actually got to see the home of Vegetable Mashers.” Little Roy implored his new friend to accompany him to the one tourist spot in all of China that Little Roy simply had to go to. He had hoped to go with Professor Woo but this man is a friend of the Professors so it is almost as good.

“Yes, of course. To the Gronkomatic factory we go.”


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