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Help the Dharma
Psychic Defense Library

Androgyny: the opposites within
June Singer

A Jung on the Hudson book

Psychic Self-Defense
Dion Fortune

Detailed practical instructions for the detection of psychic attacks and defense against them.

Advanced Candle Magick
Ray Buckland

More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose

Singing Bowl: Exercises for Personal Harmony
Anneke Huyser

Practical Uses for Singing Bowls including Healing and Transformation

Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms
William Alexander Oribello

Create Life's Greatest Blessings by combining the Power of the Holy Psalms with the Magic of Burning Different Colored Candles

Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume I
Tina Ketch

Candles have the ability to bring into your live a sort of magic which you, yourself intrinsically hold.

Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume II
Tina Ketch

Written with the intent to allow those who read and follow its instructions to raise the vibrational level on which they function, thus achieving their heart's desire.

Tina Ketch's Candle Lighting Workbook
Tina Ketch

Learn how and when to light candles using the universal vibrational equation.

Donald Tyson

The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the Apocalypse

Practical Solitary Magic
Nancy B. Watson

The psychology, ethics and architecture of magic.

Enochian Magic for Beginners
Donald Tyson

The Original System of Angel Magic

The Sacred Magic of the Angels
David Goddard

Practical ways of communing with the angels.

The Psychic Self-Defense Personal Training Manual
Marcia L. Pickands

Be prepared to handle negative energy with the secrets on the 'how-to's' of psychic attack.

Spiritual Cleansing
Draja Mickaharic

A handbook of psychic protection.

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