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Slimemold Art:
By Slimemold, About Slimemold, For Slimemold

Slimemold Rising From The Forest Floor
by Aram Larsen
"Bringing itself together from scattered bits of individuality the slimemold confronts itself confronting its environment." Yes this piece strikes a resonant nostalgic note with all slimemold. Who can forget the first moment when we noticed ourselves noticing ourselves. Thank you Aram for reminding us of this.


Slimemold Tete-less to Tete-less
by Claude Needham
I'm sure a slimemold meeting tete to tete with itself would be an interesting occasion. If only they had heads. But wait since individual cells are able to sacrifice general degrees of individuality for specialization in service to the Great Mother Slimemold then maybe it is possible to get ahead without falling behind.


Sunset on a Slimemold Horizon
by Della Heywood
As no other, Della Heywood captures the color and form as seen through the eyes of a Slimemold. Not one to be limited by traditional subjects such as "Still-Life of E.Coli and Dirt" Heywood explores the forbidden and dangerous visions of sunlight and angles.


Solid Where I'm Knot
by Mark Einert
This artwork skillfully wrought in fluid silica by master craftsmold Mark Einert, depicts a heart-rending tale of sacrifice and solidification. Fluidity and mobility is the backbone of slimemold existence. So for a slimemold to voluntarily sacrifice formless form for anything other then the grace of service to Great Mother Slimemold goes beyond sorrowful into the realms of tragic. This piece is sure to bring tears to each slimemold that has the joyous opportunity to be with it.


Blue Fish -- Yellow Dots
by Richard Hart
No other slimemold has the sensitivity to our ancestral heritage as Richard Hart. Blue Fish -- Yellow Dots relives the fermentation phase from the well known and much appreciated epic Glass Heaven.


Ida and the Plasmodium
by Heather Valencia
Creation myths come and Creation myths go -- Ida and the Plasmodium has no such temporal limit. All slimemolds from each age are familiar with this story in one of its many guises. Inanna and the Fly, Athena and the Shaft, or even the great story of OliveOil and the Rotting Spinach. No generation is lived without this story being told in one form or another.


Moon Over Melding Lake
by Denise Wey
The burning moon, white hot swims in a burning fluorescent sky -- contrast to the cool welcome of the Melding Lake. Grandfather tree accents the night dance in sways of willless motion.


Out of the Many One
by Oz Fritz
Wouldn't you know it would be the simplicity of work by naive slimemold artist Oz Fritz that would remind us of this one great secret.


Journey Beyond
by Robbert Trice
This beautifully rendered work by slimemold artist Robbert Trice speaks to all of us about the journey that lays ahead. When that great day comes and we leave behind the generality of life, slipping into some as yet unknown specialization I only hope we can journey forth with as much courage and resolve.


Stems & Petals
by Yanesh
How odd they are coming into the world of shape set from birth to be only that which they are.

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