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DeadBurt by General Xxaxx
#1   DeadBurt Goes to Salesman School

  #2   DeadBurt Visits Matilda the Witch Doctor and Gets A Little Head

  #3   DeadBurt Takes a Psychological Test

  #4   DeadBurt Follows His Dentist's Advice

  #5   DeadBurt Gets A Date

  #6   DeadBurt Mails a Letter

  #7   DeadBurt Has a Party

  #8   DeadBurt Joins the IN Crowd

  #9   DeadBurt Tries Being a Jiggle-O

  #10   DeadBurt Tests an Old Adage

  Current   Deadburt Looks in the Mirror


If you have a suggestion for a DeadBurt caption and cartoon you are welcome to use the form below to send in your suggestion.

Be advised any suggestions sent to the author (General Xxaxx) have at least a modicum of chance in being incorporated into the ongoing evolution of her work. By sending in your suggestion you are granting the author (General Xxaxx) and publisher complete unrestricted rights to use whatever "brilliant ideas" or "ramblings of a deranged mind" you happen to send it. So, if you have any ideas or bits of business you don't want lifted, don't send them.

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