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Species of Feces






Hallway Each hallway has a life of its own. Because I work in a direct mode, I don't know from piece to piece what will be peeking around the corner. The process if very consistent. I have a definite set of rules that I follow.

The rules for the hallway series are simple. Lay down the base lines, do a preliminary smudge, fill in the obtrusively white areas, settle down into revealing the underlying piece. By respecting the previous work, it is allowed to have profound influence on what follows.

Face I don't erase or cover over "problem" areas. I respect the accidental lines and smudges that precede the present moment. I try to work in the moment, accepting that which precedes as the foundation.

That doesn't mean that I don't dramatically transform my pieces from start to finish. It just means that in that process I incorporate history and go further. It is through the decision of which elements to enhance that I steer my way through the labyrinth toward the moment when I can say "Enough."

Hallway #73It is only on rare occasions that I call a piece of art done. There is always another smudge to be made, another line to accentuate, maybe we could add a little color here, or perhaps something could be done with this section over there.

If I allowed myself I would obsessively pursue a piece of art until finally I'd have overworked it beyond all repair. I have five or six planets in Virgo -- in addition to a sun and moon in Virgo. If I allowed my perfectionist tendencies to have their way, they would not be content to stay as tendencies they would manifest as elevendencies or twelvendencies.

Hallway #75Adding a scanner and Adobe PhotoShop to my array of artistic weapons has opened new hallways. If I had included a modified version of cface02.jpg then I could have referred to my art taking on a new face. Well, even if I didn't get the piece of artwork in. I did manage to subject you (whoever has read this far) to a rather atrocious pun. You can thank my friend and mold maker Robbert Trice for that.

To whom it may concern:

If you are interested in my art, email me and I will put you in touch with Nancy, Tamara or one of my other art dealers. I have to stay out of the negotiations. Either I get so retentive that nothing leaves my studio, or I give everything away to anyone that casually expresses an interest. I've learned from experience to let one of my art dealers handle that aspect. They even give me money from time to time. Apparently some folks pay the prices they are asking. Go figure.

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