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Inventory Frequently Asked Questions WareHouse? Here house. At least if you are looking for available inventory items -- items that you can use in auctions such at Ebay.

We are offering items from our warehouse, nestled in the foothills of Northern California. We will "drop ship" directly to your customers, or you can reship. In either case, once certified payment has been processed the goods are out the door.

The rules are simple. You offer the goods in auction. When a bidder wins the bid, they pay you and you pay us the pre-arranged cost of goods sold. How much is this "cost of goods"? That is all explained in detail when you sign up. You wouldn't want us to post any clues in the open for your bidders to see, would ya? That'll be our little secret.

WareHouse Inventory Available inventory is displayed for your easy selection. As always, if you don't see something you were expecting let us know and we'll see.

Definitions and notes:

* Drop Ship is the business jargon for us shipping directly to your customer. Some folks would rather a distributor send the wholesale goods to them, then they in turn reship to the customer. This means double shipping charges. Other folks would prefer that the distributor send the goods directly to the customer. This saves one shipping fee. Thus saving the reseller and ultimately the customer. This is called "drop shipping".

* Cost of Goods is the accounting business term for the cost of the item(s) sold. If you sell something you invoice the customer and get paid that amount. However the goods did not come to you free. Either you bought them from a wholesaler, or maybe you made the items yourself. In either case they cost you something. This cost of production, or this cost of inital wholesale purchase is called "cost of goods". Because there is a cost of goods one has to be careful that the invoice amount to the customer is more than the cost. If you sell something for less than you paid for it you can not make that up in volume.

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