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223 pages, Holmes Publishing Group.

The author has compiled the most important Golden Dawn letters and articles which illuminate the creation, foundations and growth of the Golden Dawn. This volume contains articles and essays by Ron Heisler, Ellic Howe, Richard Kaczynski, Francis King, Gareth Medway, R. T. Prinke and Gerald Suster. A complete cross-index is compiled for the first time of all Golden Dawn members and their mottoes including members from the Temples in England, New Zealand and North America. Some Highlights of the Volume:

  1. "From the Ashes of the Cipher Manuscript to the Creation of the Golden Dawn"-an original introduction by Darcy Kuntz.
  2. "A supplement to 'Provenance Unknown': The Origins of the Golden Dawn" by R. A. Gilbert, created for this volume.
  3. The Early Letters written before the foundation of the Golden Dawn plus the complete Fraulein Sprengel letters as originally translated by Albert Essinger.
  4. Westcott's personal diary chronicling the founding of the Order, printed for the first time, together with his "Historical Lecture."
  5. The Later Golden Dawn Letters written by initiated members, with a special letter from Paul Foster Case to Israel Regardie.
  6. The Published Histories of the Golden Dawn as well as many modern articles and essays on the Order's Early History.
  7. "The Golden Dawn Grades and the Tree of Life" is just one of the rare illustrations included in this volume.
  8. A comprehensive Cross-index of Golden Dawn Members and Mottoes with a translation of the names of the Initiates.

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