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First paper back 1989, Samuel Weiser, inc., 127 pages.

Over fifty years ago Israel Regardie set himself the gigantic task of making accessible to the intelligent layman the root principles upon which Magic is built-principles which Aleister Crowley devoted his life to exploring and revealing. Drawing on his experience as personal secretary to Crowley and his involvement with the Golden Dawn system, Regardie skillfully unifies a wealth of diverse material into a marvelously coherent whole. The result is The Tree of Life, a book which has become the definitive overview of the Western Mystery Tradition. Contents include: Yoga and Magic as the two branches of mysticism; Magic as distinct from psychism, witchcraft and other disciplines; exercise techniques for developing the will and imagination; plus much more. 284 pages, with color and black and white illustrations and diagrams. Published by Samuel Weiser inc.

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