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THE SCENTED GARDEN OF ABDULLAH THE SATIRIST OF SHIRAZ - A Facsimile Edition w/ Introduction by Martin P. Starr

First facsimile edition, published in 1991 by Martin P. Starr, 137 pages, Hardbound.

This book was originally published privately and pseudonymously in 1910 in an edition of 200 copies on Van Gelder paper and ten copies on Japanese vellum. This edition was published in 1991 by Teitan Press, Inc. With so intimate a work, one cannot divorce the creator from his creation. Throughout his life, Crowley was bisexual in thought and less so in practice. Owing to contemporary law and mores, the homosexual side of his nature could only be expressed in public demurely, and published anonymously or pseudonymously. But in his Confessions, which were written for publication, Crowley quietly divulges his first and deepest homosexual union. "Why, in short, loving women as you do, sir, do you go to boys and men? Is it only for variety? If not, in what does the charm consist?<
I will enumerate the conditions, and that cheerfully, since it will incidentally enable me to justify that very remarkable phrase used above, the spirituality of Sodomy. A woman can afford two pleasures to a man...." This book is beautifully hard bound with red embossed Arabic writing on the front and gold embossed title on the spine.

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