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MAGICK - Book Four, Parts I-IV, second revised edition.

844 pages, hardbound, published by Weiser, 1997.

This one volume edition of Aleister Crowley's most important work has been produced in keeping with the author's stated goal of teaching mediation and magick to beginners. Part One: Mysticism - is a clear introduction to the fundamentals of mysticism and meditation, with special emphasis on Yoga. Each meditative practice and state of consciousness is discussed in clear language that is easily grasped by Western students. It also explores the universal origin of world religions in mystical revelation. Part Two: Elementary Theory - systematically explains the meaning and purpose of the instruments, weapons, furniture, and regalia employed in ceremonial magick. Part Three: Magick in Theory and Practice - gives 28 theorems that form the practical keys to magick, and demonstrates their application in daily life by showing how every willed act is an act of magick. After a comprehensive outline of the Qabalisitc, scientific and philosophical foundations of magick, Crowley explores its formulae and the essential procedures of banishing, purification, consecration, and invocation. He shows how their right use leads to initiation and the accomplishment of the Great Work. Other chapters deal in depth with the magical memory of past lives, the astral plane, divination, alchemy, and other subjects. This second revised edition is based on Crowley's own corrected typescript, which gives the most accurate text yet published, and restores passages and notes omitted form earlier editions. Part Four: Thelema: The Law (The Equinox of the Gods) - gives an autobiographical account of how Crowley came to receive the cornerstone of Thelema, The Book of the Law, and a new appendix discusses its cosmographical, ethical, and religious implications. In addition to the text of The Book of the Law and its Comment, this edition features a digitally-scanned facsimile of its original manuscript, as well as color photography of the Stele of Revealing. This second revised edition is based on a new and corrected typescript that has made possible a more reliable text than all earlier editions, and has restored lost passages and notes. This new edition incorporates Crowley's own additions, corrections and annotations for a planned new edition that has-until now-remained unpublished. It also restores dozens of passages lost in all earlier editions, by returning to the original manuscripts and typescripts. It is extensively cross-referenced, annotated and indexed, and Crowley's sources and authorities are thoroughly documented. The editor's introduction explores the author's spiritual and philosophical development that led to the curious genesis of the work, and documents his 25-year struggle to produce all of its four parts. It also surveys his own critical appraisal of the work.

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