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MAGICK WITHOUT TEARS - A Personal Correspondence
ALEISTER CROWLEY - introduced and edited by Israel Regardie

528 pages published by New Falcon Publications in 1999.

In 1943 Aleister Crowley initiated a circle of correspondence by way of magickal training for a number of his students. It eventually resulted in this volume of 80 letters, Crowley's personal commentary on his own magickal training and insight. This is Crowley at his best, leading you gradually into the magickal philosophy behind one of the great mystics of our century and illuminating all that was previously unapproachable in earlier writing. These letters show him not to be a "drug dimmed addict," an image fostered by legend, but rather as a vital, intelligent avatar, perhaps more lucid in these last years than in his youth. MAGICK WITHOUT TEARS is no less than a personal encyclopedia of unguarded language. Crowley covers: how to use the Qabalah as a tool rather than merely a system of reference; the symbols of magick; white, black and yellow-their approach to life and use of power; hints for meditation and astral projection; the Yi King; The Book of the Law; the Tarot; Astrology; the importance of talismans, lamens and pentacles; how to distinguish prophecy from coincidence; etc., etc.

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