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THE HOLY BOOKS OF THELEMA - The Equinox Volume Three Number Nine
translation by ALEISTER CROWLEY

270 pages, first paper edition published in 1988 by Samuel Weiser, inc.

The Holy Books of Aleister Crowley are the cornerstone of the religious system he founded: THELEMA. Received while in high mystical trance, or through direct-voice dictation from a praeternatural intelligence, they are divinely-inspired theophanies that defy rational criticism. A comprehensive preface by Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha, the late Frater Superior of the O. T. O. , surveys the history of their writing. A synopsis provides the reader with a concise introduction to each Holy Book in Crowley's own words. Three appendices have been prepared especially for this edition, including two bibliographies. This quality paperback is printed on acid-free paper and is Smythe sewn for a lifetime of use.

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